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Implications of a Smarter City

I did a pitch today at the Winchester Business Conference where  I focused on the positive outcomes that a sustainable and  smarter world will enable for a community.    The end message is that the citizens of Winchester are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity.   


I listed the implications that are driving this opportunity.  Which in their own right are worthy of a blog entry all of their own... Here is the list..

  • Sustainability is essential.
  • Citizen Engagement, Empowerment, Enablement.
  • Geospatial referencing – Location Location Location!
  • Mobility of people, goods and services.
  • Global thinking.  Local in delivery.
  • Data Value Chains that provide Intelligent Information.
  • Convergence of engineering disciplines.
  • New business Opportunities and  'disruptive' platforms.
  • Rise of the Third sector and Social Enterprise
  • Triple Bottom Line - people, planet, profit!
  • Underpinned by Open Data. 

I will explore these themes in later blogs. Key though is that embracing a sustainable and smarter approach is not only good for the planet, but is great for your pocket too.  Now that sounds smart!

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