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How will multi-channel media work in the future?


The migration of content across different media networks and platforms TV, mobile and the web has been underway for some time. It offers opportunities to extend services, grow audience interaction, target different demographics, and develop completely new service and experience formats. The range of devices and environments in which we consume content is widespread and increasingly portable and ubiquitous. Whether consumers watch high definition, full screen movies at home or play games on phones while travelling, the potential for enriching, deepening and extending those experiences across and between platforms has a new currency across a very wide range of the arts and media. Current approaches tend to be led by one medium and then extended into other areas, for example a TV show yielding text message interactions and a promotional website. One particular example of the value of platform interoperability and service ubiquity is in serving as a bridge between live performance and the digital domain, to extend audiences and generate additional revenue. The diversity of publicly funded arts productions taking place around the UK represents a significant content resource that could be captured, digitised and distributed to a wider audience across different platforms. For example, Opera at Covent Garden has been distributed to a wider audience in cinemas, in both live and recorded formats. The Technology Strategy Board anticipates that there will be significant public benefit to be derived from this kind of extension that reaches beyond the Creative Industries to other public service sectors. The key underlying objective is to achieve increased technical and service interoperability between content, products and services, infrastructure management, platforms, networks and devices. This kind of service level functionality will enable new business models that run across platforms and exploit ubiquity of content, products and services.