The vision of a future internet based on standard communication protocols considers the merging of computers, media, services and things into a common IT platform. We are seeing the evolution from the internet of things into a truly Connected World.

The age of modern communications has provided us with mobile phones and computers that can access information wherever we are on the globe.  We are now seeing the next generation of systems development – the ability to connect "things" and systems together.  This will allow much greater access to information about the real world and our environment. Increasing knowledge and efficiency – from managing traffic flow in cities through to remote monitoring of assets.

Generating this pool of new data new data acquisition and data processing technologies from deploying sensor networks through to interoperability of devices/data.  Many of these new systems operate remotely and so require increased reliability, wireless communications and efficient energy sources.

This group brings together engineers and scientist involved in these technologies – from wireless sensing with energy harvesting through to Sensor Networks and middleware platforms.  The group covers both developments in the core technologies through to end user applications.


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The three main challenge areas are shown below, although our work is by no means limited to these three areas, as can be seen from our work in the Special Interest Groups of Internet of Things, Smart DC, Smart Energy and the Connected Digital Economy Catapult group.

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Applications, technologies and opportunities for our connected world; including sensor networks, IoT, Smart Homes, RFID, interoperability and standards