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Supply Chain Innovation towards a Circular Economy

A new Technology Strategy Board collaborative R&D funding competition entitled ‘Supply Chain Innovation towards a Circular Economy’ will be launched in late September.

Networking and information days

To support companies interested in submitting proposals, the Chemistry Innovation KTN, together with the Environmental Sustainability KTN and Materials KTN, are holding two free networking events in October - 3rd October in London (click here to register) and 21st October in Manchester (registration opeing soon for the Manchester event).

About the competition

A major strategy for achieving more sustainable use of resources is to “close the loop” and transition to a circular economy. This is where materials are used over multiple product lifetimes while retaining the quality and economic value of the material.

Moving to a more circular economy offers companies

  • substantial opportunities for cost reduction,
  • mitigation of supply risks and
  • value generation through brand differentiation.

The principle issue for manufacturers in moving to a circular economy is getting materials back.

This competition is likely to target improving the recovery of valuable materials in supply chains to develop circular economy approaches that:

  • Reduce the global environmental impact of materials that we use
  • Reduce dependence on key raw materials where the supply is potentially at risk

It is expected that projects will focus on novel design approaches and new business models to maximise retained value at the end-of-life before the material enters a general waste stream.

If you’re interested in learning more about this funding competition, hearing from past successful competition winners and networking with other businesses interested in applying then please come to one of the networking events: 


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Supply Chain Innovation towards a Circular Economy

A new Technology Strategy Board collaborative R&D funding competition entitled...