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Innate response targets for therapy

The MOD Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) is launching an SBRI competition on behalf of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). 
MOD seeks to identify host-pathogen interactions which can be manipulated in order to devise novel and generic therapies to meet the UK’s current and future defence and security needs. Such therapies should have broad activity against diverse microbial (bacterial and viral) challenges. Ideally, the solutions to such challenges will not be dependent on prior knowledge of the biothreat. To this end, we seek novel approaches to directing host responses for protection, therapy and survival. 
The purpose of this CDE themed competition for proof-of-concept research proposals is to reach out to all sectors for highly innovative techniques, tools and approaches to facilitate the identification of therapies or the early stages of therapeutic development by:
  • the identification of novel host cell or pathway targets and demonstrating that they can be exploited for beneficial outcome e.g. to prevent cytotoxicity, prevent microbial invasion and restore normal cell functioning. 
  • the identification of new candidate therapies or re-purposed or augmented existing therapies, which may for example enhance cell-mediated immunity or modulate natural regulators. 
  • the identification of new platform technologies which support these challenges, such as non- invasive methods of in vivo/ex vivo analysis , transcriptomics, in silico modelling of host responses, or novel assays to monitor the immune response. 
Important dates:
Call launch:       Tuesday 25 March 2014 in London
Call will close:  Thursday 5 June 2014 at 17:00. 
To register a place at this event, please click here.
For more details of this call, please click here.
Source: SBRI - Technology Strategy Board.
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