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The Circulars 2016 – ENTER NOW

The Circulars 2016, the world’s premier circular economy award program, is now open for entries!

Last year Dell, Inc., method products, the country of Denmark, and Janez Potočnik were among the winners - The Circulars is looking for the 2016 individual leaders, corporations, entrepreneurs, digital businesses, investors and public sector organizations establishing the circular economy.

You have the chance to be honored at an awards ceremony at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2016 and showcase your circular economy work before a high profile audience.

If you are a leader, corporation, entrepreneur, digital business, investor or public sector organization involved in the circular economy submit your entry at  

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Circulars Award Team at


The Circulars is an initiative of the Forum of Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, run in collaboration with Accenture.



What is the circular economy?

The circular economy is a resource efficient alternative to the traditional wasteful linear economy. It decouples growth from the use of scarce resources allowing economic development within planetary limits. This approach is essential for companies  that want to not only do the right thing, but gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly resource constrained world. To find out more visit the Circulars website

The Circulars 2016

The Circulars is an initiative of the Young Global Leaders taskforce supported by the World Economic Forum. Its aim: to promote circular economy practices, ones marked by less dependence on raw materials and energy inputs. Where waste is dramatically reduced or eliminated at every stage of the lifecycle.


Last year’s inaugural event garnered close to 200 entrants from some of the most dynamic circular economy efforts from around the globe. And winners and some finalists were featured in both Fortune and Forbes among other news outlets. We plan to build on the successes from 2015 by increasing our global presence and by generating more exposure and coverage for our finalists.  Entries will be accepted online until 30th September 2015 at If you would like to be considered for the People’s Choice Award, you must submit your entry by September 1, 2015.

Entry Categories


Award for Circular Economy Leadership - Award to honor an individual in business or the public sector who has demonstrated inspirational leadership in the journey towards a circular economy.

Award for Circular Economy Multinational -Award for an established organization, with global reach and over $100 million in turnover, demonstrating innovation in its existing business.

Award for Circular Economy Enterprise - Award for a small-to-medium sized organization, with between $10 - 100 million in turnover, transforming its business towards the circular economy.

Award for Circular Economy Entrepreneur - Award for an early-stage organization, with under $10 million in turnover, at the vanguard of the circular economy demonstrating innovation and market disruption. Entrants must demonstrate concrete proof of business model and scale / ability to expand.

Award for Circular Economy Government, Cities & Regions - Award for the city/region, local or national government body/program, public procurement program, or public policy initiative establishing an environment for the circular economy to develop and flourish.

Award for Circular Economy Investor - Award for the investment body providing financial backing for the circular economy to become mainstream. Open to venture capital and private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, pension plans, investment banks, and other entity or individuals who has invested at least $15 million into circular businesses or businesses which are investing in the circular economy.

Award for Circular Economy Digital Disruptor - Award recognizing an organization or public sector program that is disrupting business as usual by using digital technologies to enable the circular economy.

People’s Choice Award - The entry which receives the most public votes, via polling on the website in Autumn 2015, will be recognized as the People’s Choice winner. Entrants who want to be considered for the People’s Choice Award will be required to check the relevant box on their entry form, and submit their entry by 1st September 2015.

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