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Getting value from the circular economy – understanding your business' value networks

As part of the Ellen MacArthur Disruptive Innovation Festival, Forum for the Future and KTN hosted a workshop ‘Getting value from the circular economy – understanding your businesses value networks.’

We explored the concept of ‘value networks’ and how they can be used to solve business’ circularity challenges.

Louise Armstrong, Senior Sustainability Consultant and Forum, introduced the concept: "Value networks allow you to exchange physical resources and raw materials, but they also allow you to think more holistically about how you exchange information, skills, trust and the governance that sits behind all of that. They give you the ability to expand horizons; capture opportunities that you might otherwise be missing.”  Read Louise’s blog here to learn more about value networks.

Catherine Joce, Circular Economy Lead at the KTN, cited a number of case studies where value networks had helped businesses develop viable circular economy business models.

Download presentations from the event here and watch the video here.

Delegates present on the day had the opportunity to work through a particular circularity challenge, identify flows of value and look to create new ‘ circular’ flows. Participants were encourages to think not just about financial value, but also other forms of value such as knowledge, trust and information.  And even within the room of 50 people it was amazing how many potential solutions were found and connections were made.

If you missed the workshop but want to learn more about value networks then don’t miss the KTN stand at Resource 2-4th March.

The KTN will be continuing to help businesses build value networks to develop new circular products and services, via the Collaborations for a Circular Economy Community.

Would you company benefit from free support from the KTN?  We can help find partners, build projects and review funding applications.  Contact @Dr_CatJ 

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