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Design Innovation for the Circular Economy report is now available

This KTN project examined how installed façades could be more effectively recycled during the demolition of buildings at end of life. 
The concept of design for disassembly is now well established in the automotive sector and significant effort has been focussed on making cars easier to take apart at end of life. It was intended to apply and adapt that learning to disassembly of façades. Legislation has led to automotive designers ensuring that 85% of the materials used in their vehicles are able to be recycled. Many car manufacturers have openly advertised their use of recycled materials for various components within their new models.
The first phase of the project involved gathering information on the design and materials used within a typical façade. The opening event in this phase was an “autopsy” or teardown to disassemble a façade designed in the early 2000s. The teardown was attended by the façade manufacturer, façade component manufacturers, façade designers and specifiers, and relevant material and recycling specialists. The team quickly understood how façade design needed to change to reduce complexity and to minimise the number of materials used.
The second phase of the project enabled the assessment of the subsequent data and information gathered by industry and materials specialists. This was accomplished at an Open Innovation Workshop, termed a ‘Whitewater’, where invited participants gathered to hear the findings of the investigation and through a series of focussed discussions. This led to a series of proposed improvements, which the participants prioritised to reveal which ideas could be most beneficial and likely to succeed. 
Supported by Arup and Frener & Reifer, Design Innovation for the Circular Economy report is available online to KTN members (membership is free). 
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