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Closing the Loop on the Ground: 10 EU Projects Working Towards a Circular Economy

Over the last few years the European Commission have been funding a whole range of projects across Europe on recycling, upcycling, reusing and recovering materials - each of them a building block for a circular economy.


The European Commission is funding circular economy projects under several EU programmes, for example, under Horizon 2020, including the SME Instrument, LIFE and the CIP Eco-Innovation programme (which ended in 2013). Below are some of these projects – from recycling slag in the steelmaking industry through recovering critical raw materials from electronic waste to an online store for trading massive amounts of pre-owned items.


·      Dairy industry: Turning waste whey into a protein-rich biomass

·      Infrastructure: Noise protection panels made of recycled tyres

·      Fisheries: Recycling discarded fishing equipment

·      Electronics: Recovering high-tech materials

·      Steelmaking: Recycled slag used in road constructions

·      Packaging industry: Manufacturing high-quality recycled packaging films

·      Consumers: online store for pre-owned items

·      Composites: Bringing recycled fiber products to market based on composites waste

·      Renewable energies: Mushroom and biogas production in a circular economy

·      Construction: Recycling and recovering valuable raw materials from demolition waste


Click here to read more about these projects


Or discover more circular economy projects funded through the EU's LIFE programme.

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