We are a part of the MBEKTN network and our mission is to increase the exploitation of innovation in the built environment for demonstrated business benefit.

Our objectives are to encompasses design, build and ongoing management of man-made surroundings, such as large civic spaces, infrastructure, and personal space. It engages with different aspects of the supply chain, including architects, contractors, product suppliers, planners, academic and research groups. MBEKTN works to create an integrated and dynamic network of people and organisations that can participate in and benefit from, a range of activities delivering strategic and effective knowledge exchange to stimulate innovation within the construction sector. The MBE KTN sector-specific activities in the first three years of the programme have identified four broad challenge themes where an increase in the development and exploitation of innovation would create a positive business impact. Further consultations and activities have since identified specific topics which will form the underpinning knowledge building blocks and technical focus for the new programme.

Focus for the MBEKTN team will centre around key aspects which primarily influence the UK, adapting to hotter summers and potentially wetter winters but also managing the continued extremes of water availability. Read more...

To find out further information about other challenge themes the MBEKTN is focused on, please visit MBEKTN Challenge Themes page.

Discussions: adapting the built environment to tackle the potential effects of climate change – where are the new opportunities for business?

We are entering a time where the retrofit market is growing and the MBE KTN is in place to support the realisation and adoption of innovation.

Can your skills and knowledge help us adapt to climate change?

The challenge: How do we use innovative solutions (technology and process) to adapt the existing built environment asset stock to improve their cost effectiveness whilst also improving the internal and external environment for its occupiers?

The KTN is the mechanism to communicate your thoughts. Your ideas and contacts will be shared with built environment asset providers who might be interested in developing and adopting your solution(s) to solve a national challenge. The nation needs you and your innovation.

Start sharing at: Adaptation Challenge.