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The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis...

... and industrial biotechnology for Europe


The Bionexgen project consortium is delighted to invite you to two sequential events, showcasing Europe's leading developments in industrial biotechnology to mark the end of its 3 year FP7 supported activities.

10.00 - 16.45 The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis (E25)
17.15 - 19.30 Industrial Biotechnology for Europe (FREE)

Under the Seventh Framework Programme, the European Commission has invested substantially into driving the bioeconomy and specifically in KBBE Activity 2.3 Life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes.  BIONEXGEN is a flagship project within this activity, with the goal to develop the next generation of biocatalysts to be used for eco-efficient manufacturing processes in the chemical industry. Having benefited from a total project budget of over €10m, the research objectives for BIONEXGEN included:

·         The design and optimization of enzymes to be used in synthetic chemistry

·         The development of modified microorganisms which are resistant to heat, pressure or low pH, suitable for use in industrial production

·         The integration of these biotechnological steps into applied chemical processes

The first event ‘The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis’ has an unprecedented line-up of presentations from Europe’s leading, business-focused, academics in addition to poster display and exhibition and networking area.  This will attract academic and industrialists from across the biotechnology, chemistry and engineering disciplines in addition to those keen on understanding the dynamics of successful EU led collaborative research. 

Immediately following the technical event the evening session ‘Industrial Biotechnology for Europe’will highlight the importance of IB for the chemistry-using industries and explain how, through the use of European Commission funding, the ‘valley of death’ can be navigated bringing success to large businesses and SMEs alike. This free session will attract business leaders and policy makers in addition to being open to those attendees from the earlier technical event.

Draft programme:

The next generation of biocatalysis for industrial chemical synthesis







Welcome remarks from Commission

Project Officer


BIONEXGEN at the heart of a network of EU projects – overview of project landscape

Dr John Whittall, Exploitation Manager



Enzymatic Amine Synthesis

Prof Nick Turner, University of Manchester


IB Enabling Technologies

Prof John Woodley, Technical University of Denmark





Protein expression: key technologies for enzyme engineering and chemical production by IB

Prof Anton Glieder, Austrian Centre for Industrial Biotechnology


Biopolymer synthesis

Prof Bernhard Hauer, University of Stuttgart





Role of enzymology in developing enzymes for synthesis

Prof Dick Janssen, University of Groningen


Funding for IB in Horizon 2020

Joanna Dupont-Inglis, EuropaBio


Close of Technical Session


Industrial Biotechnology for Europe




Registration for evening session (for evening only delegates)                           

Exhibition area open



Developing technology across the valley of death; the approach of a network of projects in IB

Nick Turner,

University of Manchester



The potential of IB for BASF and the value of collaborating in EU funded projects

Kai Baldenius,



The impact of EU funding on innovative and collaborative SMEs

Kay McClean, C-Tech Innovation

Henk-Jan Joosten, BioPredict

Simon Charnock, Prozomix

Roger Sheldon, CLEA Technologies


Closing Remarks from the European Commission


Networking wine reception in exhibition area

Demonstrations of Industrial Biotechnology Experiments


Close of Event


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Date and time

Start Date :
End Date:
Duration :
10:00 – 19:30
Type :

Organiser details

Organiser :
Rajesh Mistry

Address details

Venue :
Merode Suite, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels Airport