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The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has an excellent track record of assisting our members to take advantage of the many sources of public funding to support innovation.

We have extensive knowledge of various UK and European funding mechanisms and can alert our members to relevant funding calls, help set up collaborations, and provide advice and help with funding applications.

If you require any advice or assistance please contact a member of our team, who would be happy to help.

Current Funding Calls

Flexible Interchange Programme (FLIP) for the Bioscience Community - New Round Open

The Flexible Interchange Programme (FLIP) is a people and knowledge exchange programme offering opportunities for those in the bioscience community to learn and share in a new environment. ...

Chemical Decontamination SBRI Funding Call - What are the Chemical Challenges?

Where contamination poses a risk to human life and the wider environment, Government Decontamination Service's (GDS) priority is to support local authorities in their responsibility to...

Innovation Vouchers (Northern Ireland) - New Call and Increased Voucher Sum of £5,000

The deadline for receipt of applications for the current Call is 3pm on Friday 23 October 2015. The Innovative Vouchers Programme is intended to build links between public...

The CCEMC Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses

The inaugural round of the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) Grand Challenge was a vital step in reducing GHG emissions. 24 winners were chosen from...

Materials for Demanding Environments

Innovate UK is to invest up to £2 million in technical feasibility studies to explore improving the performance of materials in demanding, extreme and/or aggressive environments.   ...

Optimising Food Composition: Fat, Sugar, Salt and Fibre

Innovate UK is to invest up to £10 million in collaborative R&D projects to enhance the nutritional quality of food and drink through the reduction of sugar, salt and fats, and through an...

Chemical Decontamination Funding Call

This call for proposals on behalf of the Home Office's Office of Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) and the Government Decontamination Service (GDS), will open on Monday 21 September, 2015. A...

: A transparent and rewarding opportunity for chemists

The European Lead Factory are now actively welcoming Library Design Proposals from European academics and SMEs. The web- based submission process is designed to be rapid, transparent and gives...
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Other Funding Calls

Highlighted below are a number of sites with information regarding futher funding calls: