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Report: SusChem Brokerage Event 6th October 2015

A European brokerage event for and by SusChem took place on 6 October 2015 in Brussels gathering over 140 participants from across Europe.

Clara de la Torre (Director Key Enabling Technologies – DG R&I) set the scene presenting the Horizon 2020 strategic objectives and highlights for the Work Programmes 2016-2017.

Delegates subsequently heard presentations on 2016 call topic priorities in:

o   Advanced Materials Research (Helge Wessel - DG R&I),

o   Process and Biotechnology (Carmine Marzano - DG R&I), and

o   Raw Materials in Societal Challenge 5 (Manuel Gomez Herrero – DG GROW).


Jacques Komornicki (Secretary SusChem ETP) closed the session highlighting the relevance of 2016 call topics with respect to SusChem priorities.

The stage was then taken by the delegates themselves, giving short profiles of their respective organisations and interests in the 2016 call topics relevant to SusChem. KTN (Susanne Coles & Claire Claessen), in its role as secretariat to the SusChem UK National Technology Platform, profiled a series of UK companies and their interest in Horizon 2020.

A total of 21 pitches were presented giving rise to active discussions during the various networking breaks and the speed dating session, which closed the day.


Presentations from the event can be downloaded at the following links (available until 8th January 2016):


o   Presentations from plenary session:

o   Presentations Project Ideas Part I:

o   Presentations Project Ideas Part II:


For queries relating to the event and for introductions to any of the presenters please contact Susanne Coles ( 

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