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Presentations and Recording available: European Funding Opportunities for SMEs Webinar

On the 12th January 2015, KTN hosted a webinar on European Funding Opportnities for SMEs.

Delegates found out about the Horizon 2020 SME instrument from the UK National Contact Point Jane Watkins who also introduced the new ‘Fast Track to Innovation’ instrument which was launched in the same month.

SME Instrument

A new-dedicated SME scheme to fill gaps in funding for early stage, high-risk research and development. It targets all types of SMEs and provides support across all areas of innovation, science and technology.

Fast Track to Innovation Instrument

Fast Track to Innovation instrument aiming to speed up the time from idea to market and to increase the participation of industry, SMEs and first time applicants. It will support small consortia of three to five organisations with strong business participation to give promising ideas the last push before entering the market. It is open to ideas in any area of technology or application and to any legal entity established in the EU or in a country associated to Horizon 2020.

In addition, Graham Mobbs (European Operations Manager – Innovate UK) discussed the Eurostars Initiative.


The Eurostars programme is targeted at innovative SMEs wanting to take part in collaborative research with partners across Europe and associated countries. The SME takes the lead in a transnational consortium, with the aim to develop innovative products, processes and services, ultimately to gain a competitive advantage.

Presentations are now available here>>

Recording is now available here>>




2 people have had something to say so far

Thanks for sharing the slides and recording, really helpful
Posted on 09/03/15 09:14.
Not sure how this helps innovative manufacturing development; more manufacturing of innovative products. As the latter is seen as more "near market"
One could suggest that innovative manufacturing is a surge that enables TRL to increase - in a flood. Thus more radical or disruptive in ist actions.
Posted on 10/03/15 19:02.


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