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New study identifies commercial and strategic opportunities for making chemicals via gas fermentation in the UK

Gas fermentation is the conversion of gaseous carbon containing molecules, such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4), to chemical and fuel products via microbial processes. KTN recently flagged this as an important processing technology in its Scoping Study “From Shale Gas to Biomass: the Future of Chemical Feedstocks” as it has the potential to produce a range of useful chemical building blocks which can be utilised as fuels and chemical intermediates (e.g. for the production of polymers).

E4 Tech (UK) Ltd was recently commissioned by C1Net to look at the commercial and strategic opportunities of utilising gas fermentation technology in the UK.

It found there is a significant resource potential in the UK and whilst there are a limited number of companies developing commercial processes, the UK’s scientific excellence in the field means that it is well positioned to benefit from this opportunity and take a leadership position.

E4 Tech suggests a supportive framework is required to ensure these potential benefits are realised and that a level playing field for the sustainable use of biomass and wastes for the production of chemicals, materials and fuels should be promoted.

You can download the full report here.


C1Net: Chemicals from C1 Gas is one of the BBSRC’s 13 cross disciplinary collaborative Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy (NIBBs). C1Net is tasked with unravelling the biological, chemical and process engineering aspects of gas fermentation and to steer translational outputs towards commercial application .


Article by Peter Clark, KTN

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