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Boosting Productivity - 4th Chemicals Northwest Annual Conference, 29 Sept

The fourth Chemicals Northwest annual conference gets underway on 29 September 2016. It aims to address the important topic of productivity in the chemical industry, a wide-ranging agenda, including many practical examples is currently under development.

This event aims to take in a national perspective on how overall UK industrial productivity is assessed and reported. A structured update on the key measures of productivity that can directly affect our companies, will provide a closer understanding of the practical issues and their impact on chemical businesses, along with ideas on how to improve performance. Supported by a number of north west-based chemical industry case studies we will see successful productivity programmes in action. 

What: Boosting Productivity - 4th Chemicals Northwest Annual Conference

When: 29th September 2016 - 9.30am - 3.30pm

Where: Daresbury Laboratories, Daresbury


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