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UK Satellite Technology to be Used to Monitor Forest Biomass

An article by Jonathan Amos on the BBC News website describes how UK satellite technology will be used to monitor forest biomass.  here is an extract from the article: -

"British industry is to lead the construction of a satellite that will weigh the world's trees. The Biomass mission's novel space radar will make 3D maps of forests, improving our understanding of how carbon is cycled through the Earth system.

Its data will be important for climate research, and will create a baseline for treaties that seek to monitor the status of global forest resources.

The spacecraft is to be assembled by the UK arm of Airbus Defence and Space.

It signed a contract with the European Space Agency (Esa) on Friday last week valued at €229m (£179m).

The mission, which will launch on a Vega rocket in 2021, is part of Esa's Earth Explorer programme.

This operates a fleet of satellites that deploy innovative sensor technology to address big, outstanding environmental questions."


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