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Research Challenges for carbon capture in CCS

The EPSRC is funding collaborative R&D projects to undertake fundamental research which tackles challenges in carbon capture for CCS (carbon, capture and storage). The £4m call will cover areas such as;

  • Technology integration
  • Intensification
  • Scale up and optimisation
  • Development of capture materials

The call opened on the 25th September 2013 and closes on the 30th January 2014. For more information click here





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Hi Jenni,
What happened since January 2014? Did anyone develop a new process to capture carbon dioxide?
No news from Ferrybridge after all that cash was poured into a CCS experiment in 2008, as it been quietly abandoned like the others?

As an engineer with 25 years in oil & gas including gas compression and liquifaction in the United Arab Emirates, I can fully understand what they are trying to do. In fact they seem to be stuck on the carbon capture at the moment, leaving the more difficult storage until later.
The hype is first class but the reality is dismal, there are no experienced practical skilled engineers at the top either in government, academia or the big power companies so progress will be slow and expensive. What seems silly to someone like myself looks important and feasible to these guys, not really surprising when it's taxpayer's money.
Posted on 02/11/14 18:37.

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