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CALL FOR PAPERS; Air capture - Negative emissions and carbon recycling

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and ESKTN would like to invite you to present a paper at the ‘Air Capture: Negative emissions and carbon recycling’ seminar on the 16th October in London  


The purpose of this seminar is to:

  • Inform delegates why air capture may be an important weapon in our battle to mitigate CO2 emissions
  • Explore the products in which CO2 can be used
  • Advise on the competing technologies and projects
  • Discuss the issues of safety, cost and funding


The following areas will be covered:

  • Latest EU & UK Government policies on carbon mitigation and potential role of air capture
  • State funding and other sources of finance for research and project development
  • Priority research areas to enable a leap forward
  • Ongoing debate on costs of air capture
  • Update on the legal and regulatory framework
  • Ensuring safety of the air capture processes
  • Uses for the captured CO2 and market potential
  • Business development and investment opportunities
  • What other emitters may need from air capture
  • Initiatives worldwide and timescales to commercialisation
  • Update for the leading edge projects across the globe


Deadline for the Call for Papers is 2nd April 2012

If you would like to present at the seminar please send a title and short abstract outlining the content of the presentation to Taz Khatun: Tel: 020 7973 1306 Fax: 020 7222 9881 Email: Speakers will be required to deliver their PowerPoint presentation to the IMechE by 1st October 2012.  If in addition you provide a paper in text you will be considered for Institution and Division prizes.


Potential speakers should note that this event takes place in conjunction with the CCS 2012 seminar (17th – 18th October 2012) and the organisers may move papers into that event if they believe that this will enhance the interest they generate. For information the call for papers deadline for our Carbon Capture and Storage 2012  seminar taking place on 17-18th October 2012, is also the 2nd April 2012.

For details visit  





3 people have had something to say so far

You take the gases from a flue stack, well maybe 1% or 2 %, then disolve them in amine solution, then you heat the amine solution and the carbon dioxide is liberated.
You then put this back into the flue and take the government grant, and get Chris Huhne to say some nice words about CCS.
No joke, it's going on at Ferrybridge.
Posted on 06/03/12 21:20.
It's now september 2014, what happened? Did the seminar on the 16th October in London in 2012 take place? There's no report evn on the IMechE website.
More to the point what input did the TSB _connect CSS group have in stimulating SMEs to get a slice of the sction?

News today:" After months of largely negative headlines, the flagship energy efficiency scheme is now on the brink of disarray as it emerges the Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC) is being forced to consider liquidation in the coming weeks."
Posted on 26/09/14 18:30.
Update 25May2015,
Nothing, no progress, lots of hype and press releases, lots of parasites bluffing their way to get cash from the government, but no way to make any advances in carbon sequestration.
Not enough qualified experienced practical skilled engineers to tackle the questions, and when a good idea is proposed there is no way to get funding for even a look, proof of concept or a model prototype...what a mess!!
Posted on 26/05/15 13:18.

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The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and ESKTN would like to invite you to present a paper...

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