In April 2012, the UK Government published its CCS Roadmap - Supporting Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK , which sets out how the Government proposed to take forward a programme of interventions to support the development of carbon capture and storage (CCS). Among these interventions, the programme advocates international engagement focused on sharing the knowledge generated through the programmes and learning from other projects around the world to help accelerate cost reduction in CCS.

The UK is already active in international consortia and bilateral collaborations as this review will show.  However, despite all this UK and international activity, there remain gaps in this area and more can be done, possibly through additional support mechanisms to encourage learning from major projects underway elsewhere in the world.

The aim of this review is to provide background information from which UK R&D organisations can further investigate opportunities to develop R&D collaborations overseas and, thus, lead to greater emphasis on ‘internationalism' of the UK CCS R&D landscape. 

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI) website presents a detailed review of the global status of CCS.  Amongst other sources, this review draws on the GCCSI review but focuses on the International CCS R&D landscape, e.g. who the key R&D organisations and institutions appear to be in each country and their level of international collaboration, both within the global community or subject to specific bilateral R&D agreements.  Any known collaborations with UK R&D organisations are also highlighted.    

In this initial review, six key countries have been considered, Australia, Canada, China, Korea, Norway and the USA. However, with the growing complexity of the CCS R&D landscape with new players and new collaborations continually emerging, this review should be regarded as a working document and one subject to amendment and addition as further information becomes available.

Direct links to organisations' websites have not always useful for specific CCS information and, where possible, links are shown to the web pages showing their CCS R&D activities.  Sometimes, information has been compiled from a number of stakeholder websites.       

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The 'CSS International R&D Review' has been developed in collaboration between the KTN and  the APGTF. Please contact Steve Ivatt if you have any questions or comments on the review: Contact Steve.