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In 2013 Innovate UK invested up to £500k in feasibility studies to develop new knowledge and skills in integrating future infrastructure needs into the heart of buildings and communities.

From small clusters of buildings to major urban expansions, there is a drive towards providing de-centralised infrastructure.  The drive towards zero-carbon buildings and communities, the need to integrate electric vehicles, and the opportunities for heat and power sharing and storage are providing opportunities for delivering a user-focused, de-centralised infrastructure fit for the future.

Proposals are sought in the area of de-centralised, inter-connected, heat, coolth and power systems at a building and community scale.

The Feasibility Studies are detailed below and results can be found in the Resources folder above.

Interoperability of energy harvesting, storage and use
Soho Food Waste Energy
DC Grid development and de-centralized generation in Dalston: Arcola Better Connected
Feasibility of energy-related applications (eApps) for domestic building engagement 
Merchant Square - feasibility study to integrate and extend site level CHP with Distributed Storage and DC systems across new large Apartment, Hotel & Office development
Redox Batteries for Balancing Urban Micro-Grids
Power to the People
Ebbs and flows of Energy System (EFES)
Developing a Viable Business Model for Neighbourhood Governance  of Smart Electricity Grids and Demand Side Management
Dynamic Powerline-based Networking for Better Connected Buildings
Interconnection of residential buildings using solid-state power electronic converters
Buildings as energy stores - Residential & Commercial
Modern infrastructure for new housing (MINH)


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