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This group provides information about the Building Whole-Life Performance (BWLP) competition. We want to encourage knowledge sharing and networking between all who are involved and interested in that competition.

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►    Competition has ended

The assessment process has completed and we have offered grants to nine teams.  You can read about them by clicking here.


    In addition to Innovate UK's competition documents, the KTN produced a companion document, to stimulate thinking within this innovation challenge area. The KTN's document is available here


   Presentations from the brokerage events are available to download here




Context and focus

Innovate UK and EPSRC invested up to £4m in CR&D projects (Collaborative Research and Development) into new knowledge for developing innovative products, processes or services.

The aim is to maximise the long-term
economic, societal and environmental
contribution of buildings, by improving
their whole-life performance.

This topic is strategic for the future of the property and construction sectors and there are many different ways to look at it, to approach it, many possible innovations and many organisations that can play a role. This funding will be the opportunity to turn some of the best ideas into reality!



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Getting in touch

For specific information on the competition details, the scope and the funding available, you can contact the Innovate UK lead technologist Rick Holland at


If you have an innovative idea, you are looking for partners, you would like to attend relevant events or you would like to discuss the topic with others, please contact the Knowledge Transfer Manager Valeria Branciforti at



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About Building Whole Life Performance

Innovate UK is investing up to £4million in collaborative R&D projects that can lead to better whole life performance of buildings. The aim is to maximise the long-term economic, societal and environmental contribution of buildings, by improving their whole-life performance. This aligns with the joint strategy by government and industry for the future of the UK construction industry.

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