Lochgelly Business Centre

Project Lead
Fife HARCA, c/o Ore Valley Housing Association, Cardenden, Fife

Building type, sector and stage

Office, post construction, in-use monitoring, Lochgelly, Fife, Scotland


Termodeck, Thermalux, Kalwall, Office, Scotland


The Lochgelly Business Centre was designed as a 'business incubator unit' to provide low cost office space, meeting rooms, support facilities, and networking opportunities to start-up businesses.

The building is formed in two distinct parts office accommodation and communal areas/meeting spaces.  The office accommodation provides 21 office units over 3 floors with office sizes ranging from 21- 83sqm.  This area has been designed with flexibility in mind and all internal office walls can be removed to allow businesses to expand into adjacent office space.  The heating and cooling to this section of the building is provided by the 'TermoDeck' system where tempered air is passed through the cores of the concrete floor slabs and the rooms are kept at optimum temperature by way of convection from the thermal mass.  The Lochgelly Business Centre is the first building in Scotland to employ this system


The second section of the building contains all of the communal facilities including reception, meeting rooms, conference room, kitchen, a larger break-out space and washroom facilities.  This 'service core' has been located to the east of the office wing to allow future expansion to a vacant site to the east.This part of the building is heated by a more conventional gas boiler and radiator system.


Artificial lighting is reduced by the use of natural light where possible.  To achieve this, but avoid overheating due to solar gain 'Kalwall' was used on the southern elevation.  This product allows light to pass through whilst providing a high U-value which prevents overheating due to solar gain


The building received funding from the Scottish Governments 'Town Centre Regeneration Fund' and was allocated the largest single sum of all the supported projects at £1.75m, and it was required that this be spent by the end of junancial year 2010.  As a result the design team carried out research into off-site fabrication and systems which could be quickly assembled on site.  The final design employed a structural steel frame supporting pre-cast concrete floor slabs with the external walls constructed from the 'Thermalex' system by SD Systems, and flexible partitioning for long term future use.


The buildings are being evaluated by ECD Architects and the Mackintosh Environmental Architecture Research Unit (MEARU, The study will examine the effectiveness of Termadeck, Thermalex. and Kalwall and the effect on the working environment. Energy consumption data will be collected and monitored over a two year period.  Occupant satisfaction will also be measured.  Air tightness and U-value testing will enable comparisons between design predictions and as built performance.  Thermal Imaging will also assist in this process.


Floor Area = 790m2

EPC Rating = B (26)


Roof: 0.19 W/m2K

Floor: 0.17 W/m2K

Wall 0.2 W/m2K

Windows: 2.0 W/m2K