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This site contains the published reports from the Innovate UK BPE programme. Further reports will be released throughout 2016 including studes on Social Housing, MVHR and Procurement. For more details visit
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Building Performance Evaluation DOMESTIC Final Report
This report is available from
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Building Performance Evaluation Non-Domestic Final Report
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Domestic Summary
This document is available from
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Early Findings Report non-domestic Building Performance Evaluation 2014
This 2014 interim study set out to look at very early findings from 23 leading edge projects selected from the 48 non domestic projects that are being monitored under Innovate UK’s £8million Building Performance Evaluation programme. It looked across the projects where data was available, focusing on the fabric and systems that are being used in different projects, and how satisfied occupants are with their buildings. This is not intended as a comprehensive review of the non--domestic portfolio. This report has now been superceeded by the Final report available here:
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Insights from Social Housing Projects - Building Performance Evaluation Meta-Analysis
Insights from Social Housing Projects in the Building Performance Evaluation programme. The National Energy Foundation (NEF) has been commissioned by Innovate UK to undertake an analysis of the data arising from all 28 of the Social Housing led projects. These 28 projects are made up of 83 test dwellings in total.
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Non-Domestic Summary
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