Building Performance Evaluators Register


Along with the Technology Strategy Board, the MBE KTN team is compiling a list of those offering Building Performance Evaluation services, so that anyone looking for evaluators can have a starting point.

All members of this group can access the Building Performance Evaluators Register to see full details on the competence and areas of expertise for evaluators together with references and links.


Building Performance Evaluators

Please join our community if you would like to access the individual proformas submitted to us by the evaluators:

Please note that it's only recently we have started to collect the information on the Building Performance Evaluators, therefore the content of this page will be updated as we receive the completed proformas.

If you want to have your details listed, please download and complete the proforma, and please email to You details will be included here shortly after.

Please note that the details submitted will not be vetted by TSB or MBE KTN so caveat emptor, however service providers are encouraged to provide references.