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BPE- the basics

From schools to apartments, supermarkets to offices, health centres to houses, Innovate UK's Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) programme has spent 4 years analysing how well real buildings perform and the results are surprising.

The BPE programme was designed to measure the "Performance Gap" – the difference between the designed and actual energy usage of a building. The programme had four original aims:

  1. to gain real world performance data from recently completed buildings;
  2. to enable the industry to learn more about the factors and variables that influence performance;
  3. to embed a culture of building performance evaluation in the construction industry; and
  4. to generate a knowledge base of building performance case studies.

To measure the Performance Gap, a portfolio of over 100 projects undertook the largest data gathering exercise of building information. This programme has collected one of the most detailed unexplored datasets of it's kind as well as developing tools and methodologies.

The end results were stark, on average buildings were using 3.6 times as much energy as they were designed to use.

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