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The Democratisation of Industry: Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds final report

A spirited podcast discussion provides a brief introduction to the final findings of the Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds Beacon Report, published today. Jeremy Davenport, Deputy Director of CIKTN, and Geoff McCormick, a Director at TheAlloy, review the journey that has taken place in a project based around the concept that industrial activity, or 'making things', is becoming democratised, with users increasingly central to the value chain as a source for ideas, solutions, investment and marketing.

The report sets out three key recommendations supported by three key trends that will seek to create and assist sustainable new communities based around artistic and technical collaborations to create new products, artefacts, business and value chains. Importantly, these recommendations are aimed at supporting new ventures and micro/small businesses and are focused on the four key stakeholder groups of industry, policy, investor and education.

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