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A Bespoke World: Physical and Digital Convergence

Are we ready for a tailor made everything? Beacon project exploring the synergies and business opportunities around the convergence between the physical and virtual worlds has now kicked off.

Combining desk research, interviews and workshops we will explore the emergent opportunities around new technologies that bridge the physical and virtual worlds and what these mean for business innovation.

Ranging across rapid prototyping, 3d scanning, and visualisation technologies – the links between virtual worlds and physical , services and experience create new possibilities for innovation across a range of creative industries. The interface between digital and physical products are also generating a change in the relationship between the consumer and designer with the consumer becoming central to the design process.

The idea of domestic production units and mass customisation was until recently the stuff of science fiction – but as technologies develop we will explore where and when this new frontier in business may take place and what this means for business innovation.

A key element of the journey is to facilitate an active community of technologies and users to shape and use the content. We are also focused upon supporting companies access the relevant support for innovation such as Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Our group has now gone live and we invite you to participate in this exciting project as we move forward over the next few months. Case studies are of existing projects are welcome and we look forward to posting regular updates and insights on our group site.


Jeremy Davenport



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To follow Jeremys comment, I am leading the project and I wanted to kick off some discussion..

My starter for 10 - the Kwik-Fit printer

I am very keen for this group to stimulate debate, share knowledge and engage with a wide group of people who share my passion and interest in exploring the future...I am keen to hear from everyone who has a viewpoint, an insight, an experience, a technology, a material, a design or an application that is at the cutting edge of rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing, using new materials in innovative ways or are using digital tools to create new and interesting artefacts.

What i want to know is where is this going ? What will the future look like ? Will 3D printing still exist mainly as an RP tool, or could it radically alter the way we live and work ?

My own starter for 10 is a video clip taken from Jay Lenos garage - He is a well known petrolhead who owns hundreds of cars.

He has a 3D scanner and RP machine that he uses to replicate parts that are no longer available, and this got me thinking....

Could we have the Kwik-Fit printer that allowed us to print parts on site for our cars - no more waiting for parts, no more inventory managament (or risk) and maybe even more sustainable as there is no need to cart large and or heavy parts around the country or indeed the world...

see the video here.. (its a bit heavy on the american advertising, but bear with it)

what do you think ???
Posted on 18/10/10 10:26.

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