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How To Style Thick Hair

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How To Style Thick Hair is desirable, it can also be a challenge. Without the right Style Thick Hair and products to keep your mane under control, a full head of hair can quickly turn into a styling disaster. Instead of forcing your hair into an unnatural state, consider embracing its voluminous nature by opting for a look that will show it off in all its glory. To help you do so, we’ve rounded up the best hairstyles for men with thick hair.

Short Hairstyles for Style Thick Hair

Yes, brushing and blow-drying short and Style How To Style Thick Hair shape can be a mission that often ends in dissatisfaction and frustration. If your unruly strands have got you on the verge of desperation, we’re here to tell you that there is hope. With a tidy chop from your barber, a solid comb and some quality Style Thick Hair styling products, your mop can easily transform from bulky to beautiful.


A pompadour is an on-trend Style Thick Hair that will add height to your crown and timeless sophistication to your look. To create the style, blow-dry your hair before using your fingers to spread pomade close to your roots. Then, use a comb and more pomade to slick your hair up and back. If you have extremely thick hair, consider adding a taper or fade to your cut for a sleek style.

Slick Back

The slick back is a sleek and polished style that pairs well with a fade or undercut. How To Style Thick Hair is particularly ideal for thick hair as voluminous locks form natural height on top. Just ask your barber to add a little more texture to the top layers of your crop to loosen this style up a little.

How To Style Thick Hair

If your hair is thick, choosing an appropriate cut is extremely important. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a mushroom. To embrace and utilise the natural fullness of your locks, ask your barber for one of the following flattering crops.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is defined by a cropped fringe and buzzed sides. The style is typically combed toward the front and set with a small amount of styling product. Not only is the look incredibly stylish, but it’s also an excellent low-maintenance option for gents with To Style Thick Hair.

Medium & Shoulder Length Style Thick Hair

How To Style Thick Hairr is a lot easier to maintain than a short style, it also requires a little more care to ensure your locks appear healthy and shiny. Often, though, these cuts require minimal styling, making them an excellent option for time-poor gents. To nail a long length, just ask your barber to add a few long layers, which will reduce the overall volume of your hair towards its ends.

Bro Flow

A bro flow hairstyle will show off your thick Style Thick Hair in all its glory. This style can vary in length depending on your personal preference but is typically just long enough to tuck behind your ears. When receiving the cut, be sure to ask your stylist for a few soft, long layers. Doing so will slightly thin the appearance of your hair and make it fall more naturally.

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