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How to clean hiking backpack effectively?

Those individuals who are fond of hiking, backpacks are a major investment for them. Over time, the fabric of these backpacks gets affected from dirt and sweat making the shoulder straps and hip belts quite murky. Moreover, at the camping site these backpacks also carry food and fuel and as a result, food and grease stains may also form glaring marks on them.

At the camping area or during trekking on trails, it is almost impossible to protect the hiking backpack from dirt, filth, mud or drenching downpour even if there is a protective casing on your backpack. Your backpack’s zippers can get filthy and the leftover food particles inside the backpack can allow critters to invade your backpack. Such dirtiness may reduce the life and quality of your backpack. Due to this, it is highly important to regularly clean your backpack for hygiene as well to keep it long lasting. However, you need adequate knowledge on how to clean hiking backpack before taking any step. This know-how is equally important as learning the tips for hiking!

Here are some of the ways that would show you how to clean hiking backpack so that its material and fabric does not degrade over time:

An important reminder

Either you are opting for a deep cleaning or just sponging your day hiking backpack, you need to equip yourself with the right cleaning essentials. Here are is the list for basic items:

  • Take a soft nylon-stiffened brush or a tooth brush for scrubbing
  • Take an unscented soap as a detergent or such soaps that are designed for backpack cleaning
  • Clean the backpack with wither sponge or a soft washing cloth
  • Cold water for soaking the sponge or the washcloth or dipping the backpack. Avoid taking warm or hot water otherwise the color and material of the backpack will fade and degrade.

Take in to consideration the instructions of the manufacturer

Most importantly, it is necessary that you take in to account the washing instructions that come along with the backpack. These instructions usually come in paper or small booklet form in which the manufacturer entails suitable washing/cleaning methods. Some instructions say that you can give your backpack a soapy dip in the water bucket once a week or on fortnightly basis. Others, specifically tell you not to submerge but wash the backpack with the help of sponge or washcloth.

How to clean hiking backpack?

Always scrub the hiking backpack exterior and interior cautiously and gently to avoid tearing it apart. In this way the protective coatings of your hiking backpack does not get any harm

  •  Never place your hiking backpack in a washing machine or in dryers as machine can damage the material and damage its knitting. These acts reflect your negligence and lack of care for your hiking backpack.
  • After washing the hiking backpack, it is advisable that you do not place them direct under the sunlight. It is because the ultra-violet rays can damage the fabric of the backpack and cause its color to fade. So, place the backpack for drying indoors or in the shade.
  • The zippers of the hiking backpack also need frequent cleaning because they become clogged with dust or lint. Here, you need to make sure that you do not scrub them as majority of the hiking backpack zippers have water resilient coverings. Hence, you need to clean them with the specific lubricants that slide through the zippers and clean all the dirt and lint stuck in it.

Before you start washing your backpack, always shake it off so that all the crumbs and dirt comes off it. If you do not do so, it will get stuck to the fabric of your backpack making it dirtier even after a thorough wash.

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