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Features A Luxury Property Must Have

A luxury property is not necessarily a mansion or a big house. Rather, a luxurious home is one that features amenities that offer an utmost luxury living experience. Before investing your money, it is good to understand which elements characterize a luxury home. A high price tag alone does not mean it is a luxury home.

The Dubai Creek Harbour is an iconic waterfront development located at the banks of the Dubai Creek. Once completed, the Creek will host some of the most popular villas for sale in Dubai known as the Lagoons. This is a prime location that guarantees good returns on investment. You can also opt to invest in the new projects by Meeras, known for top notch luxury living.

Here are some of the features a luxury property should have:

Open floor plan

Open floor plans are becoming popular because they promote socialisation in the house. In addition, this type of arrangement allows more natural light to flood across the whole room. The open plan is achieved by minimising or eliminating walls between the kitchen and the living spaces. In some luxury homes, the open floor plan is taken a notch higher by adding customisable elements. For instance, pocket doors and walls facilitate changing the layout on demand.

High-tech appliances

Smart appliances are a must-have in luxury homes, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. These appliances should connect wirelessly via the internet and accessible on your smartphone, tablet or computer. For instance, a smart fridge should analyse its content and send you a shopping list on your phone. In the bathroom, smart showerheads automatically regulate the water pressure and temperature according to the preferences of the user.

Swimming pools and sports curts

Most luxury homes feature a full-size swimming pool and sports courts. These amenities will eliminate the need to go to the gym or park to complete your favourite fitness activities. Since sports courts may take up a lot of space, you should look out for customisable courts than dedicated one-time use.

Fully-equipped outdoor space

Outdoor kitchens offer a better way to host and entertain guests. So, an outdoor kitchen is a great feature you should look out for. It should have a large grill, burner and smoker box for preparing food. An outdoor fridge and cupboard will enable you to store cooking essentials in an easily-accessible location to eliminate the trips to and from the main kitchen.