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What Is Lean Thinking?

We all know that being in a company that manufactures and produce goods can be stressful especially when a problem occurs and the whole process needs to stop. You may sometimes ask why does this have to happen when you can just stop one action, right?

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This is where lean thinking comes in. Lean thinking is a philosophy most companies use so they can eliminate waste and be productive at the same time. Waste can be one of the main problems that companies have and with this process, you will no longer have to worry.

The 5 Principles of Lean Thinking

There are 5 principles in Lean Thinking that can be used by any company or organization so they can have an efficient production with little to no waste. This has been the most effective way of ensuring that work can be maximized and that employees meet their quotas with no problem at all.

  • Value – this is the first principle of lean thinking. You have to think about what your clients would like you to produce. What and how much they are willing to pay for. With this, you can plan ahead on how you will produce their orders that will be just right for the budget given to you.
  • Value stream – this is the second principle of lean thinking that lets you know how the products would be produced, what materials to use and know the exact life span of the product.
  • Flow – the third principle is enabling you to foresee the production. You may plan ahead if ever there will be a problem in the production. One problem will stop the whole process and will then delay the products from being made on time.
  • Pull – pull is the fourth principle of lean thinking that lets you see what products are in demand and how much products the customer needs. This way, you can control your production that can save you a lot and eliminate waste as well.
  • Perfection – this last principle happens when you have gone through the first four principles. You have learned and developed a new process that now runs smoothly and perfectly, without any delays and problems along the way.

With these principles, you are now ready for a new and better phase in your business that will help you maximize your productivity and keep your customers happy. To learn more about lean thinking, go here: