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<p><a href="">مشاوره مدیریت</a></p>
<p><a href="">لوازم خانگی</a></p>
<p>&nbsp;<a href="">Business Plan</a></p>
<p>&nbsp;<a href="">ایمپلنت</a>.</p>
Posted on 05/06/19 17:48.
The concept of "use 20% of the time for development" necessary for managers

The role of the manager is to move people. Dale Carnegie's self-enlightened work of "moving people" has become a global bestseller. So many people are paying attention to "moving people".

However, "moving a person" does not mean "moving a person like a piece". If you think that you should manipulate people well, you will surely fail.

The manager is not the piece but the human being. It is important to respect and respect other people in order to move the human mind. The sites that have felt the respect have pride that they are the leading role, and they start working hard at work.

It is said that FamilyMart has 100,000 part-time employees around the country. What drives them is also a respect for the field.

The most important thing is the attitude of trusting you and the attitude
that I believe that you will work.

Carlos Ghosn President and CEO of Nissan Motor (CEO)

Carlos Ghosn, who has revived Nissan Motor Co., which had been starved for death, was credited with "one of the strongest entrepreneurs outside the United States" in the American economic magazine.

Gone says that the key to management is that the manager leaves it to the people without detailed intervention. Excessive micro-management only causes a drop in motivation. It is about telling exactly what you are expecting. Tell them, "What time should you do what?" Mr Gone describes this as "conveying the expected level."

After that, I trust that person. By doing so, it seems that highly motivated work can be drawn out. In order to do that, you must have a clear understanding of who you are going to do.

People who stand on top of people
should use about 20% of their own time for later education.

We will start a series of articles on the reality of business revitalization by professionals who have experienced business revitalization. This time, as a trailer of the article, I will briefly summarize the "business revival" which is unknown at first.

What is the business revival?
What do you think of when you hear about business recovery? In the past, there may be many cases in which the newspaper has been used up to Daiei, Kanebo, JAL and, recently, the Skymark case. On the other hand, although we can know about the results, we can say that there is almost no opportunity to know about what happened at the actual business recovery site. What is happening in the field? How was it achieved?

Business restructuring is a possible option for businesses that have difficulty in continuing their business due to excessive debt that makes cashing difficult. The business revival is simply to restructure a profitable business while partially eliminating debt and delaying the repayment period instead of clearing when a company goes into bankruptcy. It is. If there is a possibility of rebuilding, we will rebuild the business by making a rebuilding plan. We will restructure our finances, such as debt consolidation, and restore business sustainability through business review.

For example, those who are involved in such a process and who can make business recovery the main occupation field and contribute to the development of the field include turnaround managers, lawyers, certified public accountants, tax accountants, consultants, financial (restructuring ) Advisors, fund operators, etc.

The Association of Business Regeneration Practitioners with around 500 members in Japan, CTP (Certified Business Regeneration Specialist), and ATP ( General Business Regeneration Specialist) qualification test for training business regeneration specialists It seems that there is also a group such as Corporate Japan Business Revitalizers Association .

︎ Strategic Professionals-Share Reversal Corporate Change Drama

The “ Professional Professional-Share Reversal of Corporate Reform Drama ” by Akira Sanie, also known as the former MISUMI Group Inc. president and CEO of the Boston Consulting Group, which has also become a bible of business revival The company's drama is based on a true story, after being entrusted with the fictitious business man Yoichi Hirokawa as a protagonist, and being entrusted with the business revival of the medical equipment business (reform of unprofitable business on the business side).

Different from the commentary of the strategic model by the management consultant, the site of business revival is depicted vividly, such as the on-site reform of the sales, the development situation of the competing product, the negotiation with the agency.

︎ professional manager also business no?
Shiseido's president Uotani, Benesse's president Harada, Suntory's president Shiromi, Calbee's CEO Matsumoto, LIXIL's president Fujimori, and so on are "professional managers" who have recently been heard, but these are also a form of business nomad can do. As a professional in public relations, human resources, sales, and business development, we will not support the company for a limited period of time, but as a management professional, it will be a human resource who draws and executes business revitalization and growth strategies with full commitment.

The entrance of the career that leads to the business revival
In this series, I asked you to reproduce the unforeseen business recovery site based on the recollections of professionals who have worked on many business revitalizations under the investment fund through the operating company, consulting firm, and under the investment fund. You

What has been done in the field and what skills are necessary for it, comprehensive ability for business revitalization, analytical ability necessary for consultants and strategic thinking, as well as practical ability to manage the field with hands-on A variety of abilities are needed, such as human power to coordinate many parties. To understand these complex scenes, it is most effective to use specific descriptions based on real stories.

In this series, I will first look at the entrance of the career that leads to business revival.

コ ン サ ル タ ン ト Management consultant goes to the field of business revival
The next series, the first in a series, discusses the turning point of strategic professionals from "from management consulting to business revival."

How does a professional who is involved in business rejuvenation carry out business rejuvenation along the way, how did he get into the business revitalization world, and what kind of skills have been accumulated for this purpose, this time Although it is only an example, it is one of the few specialists in business recovery, and you can see the background of hands-on personnel who know the scene.

What real-life experiences experienced by professionals who have joined one of the largest companies in the country and then learned strategic consulting at an independent consulting firm and a large accounting consulting firm, and then jumped into the business revitalization world Please take a look.

︎ 1 From management consulting to "business revival"
➢ Content

Working people starting from SE, "suffocation" in large companies
Management consulting that repeated the hardship and confusion
The desire for "management" and the reality of management consulting
Invitation to business revitalization
About the second and subsequent posting plans that continue to the site of business revitalization
The second and subsequent sessions will continue to the business revitalization site. In the field, it is possible to know the site of business revival from the comments only of professionals who experienced the change of the fund, sales, president and the field.

مشاوره مدیریت

لوازم خانگی

Business Plan


現 実 2 The reality of business revival
➢ Content value

A deficit of 10 years and a crime of three injections
A new president who is spinning around and a fund that gets lost
奮 3 The struggle of the outside
➢ Content

Business meeting you have never seen
The president's runaway
交替 4 change of president
➢ Content

The fund manager is also a salary man
Three-man four-legged start
交替 4 change of president
➢ Content

The fund manager is also a salary man
Three-man four-legged start
Analysis of 赤字 5 deficit
➢ Simple question "Why is it a deficit?"

➢ Content

Is an Ace salesman really an Ace?
The deficit is "structure"
︎ 6 hope of one
➢ Rationale for regeneration

➢ Content

Profit improvement plan found from "structure of deficit"
Thorough use of fewer weapons
恐怖 7 cache short fear
➢ Content

Less than 100 million yen in cash and deposits
"Financing" is not only the work of cash
︎ 8 "First time collaboration"
➢ Content

Common sales and production discrepancies
Simple but difficult rule changes
︎ 9 Management policy briefing session
➢ Content

Powerful national pilgrimage
Thin response and rebound
︎ 10 Ladder and purification of the organization
➢ Content

An old officer who takes over the sales behind the scenes
"The sales are supported by him" lie
実 行 11 Execution of the reproduction plan and profit and loss improvement
➢ Content

10 years bonus from competition between sales offices year on year
Persistent progress management
切 12 Relentlessness of the Reproduction Company
➢ Content

Employing longer than temporary profits for employees
A drastic measure that the fund of the short-term perspective can not step on

︎ 13 After all investors were short
➢ Content
  • "I will increase sales in the short term"
  • Mid-term plan to collapse

مارکتینگ چیست ؟ تعریف مارکتینگ و تشریح اجزای آن

[h3]︎ 14 The search for sponsors and the end of the feast[/h3]

➢ Content

  • Salvation?&nbsp;Owner company that appeared
  • Pardon
  • &nbsp;
  • ︎15 Looking back on the reproduction business

➢ Content

&nbsp;مدل داگمار در تبلیغات DAGMAR &ndash; مدلی جهت ارزیابی اثربخشی تبلیغات

  • What can be experienced / skills that can be acquired
  • What kind of person is suitable for?&nbsp;Who do not go for?

※ Publication contents may be changed.

تعریف ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی IMC : Integrated Marketing Communications

As we will start posting one by one, please take a look.

تبلیغات چیست ؟ ( تعریف تبلیغات &ndash; مزایا و معایب کمپین تبلیغاتی )

&nbsp;برند Brand چیست ؟ ( تعریف برند و تشریح اجزای اصلی برند )

&nbsp;تبلیغات Advertising &ndash; مشاوره تبلیغات و مشاوره طراحی کمپین تبلیغاتی

&nbsp;تعریف بازاریابی Marketing چیست ؟ ( بازاریابی از دیدگاه 40 مدیر بازاریابی بین&zwnj;المللی )

&nbsp;بازار هدف Target Market چیست ؟ ( تعیین بازار هدف یا مخاطب هدف در بازاریابی )

&nbsp;برندینگ 360 درجه و برندینگ 720 درجه &ndash; برندینگ جامع استراتژیک

"I will increase sales in the short term"
Mid-term plan to collapse
Posted on 05/06/19 18:05.
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Posted on 05/02/20 10:13.
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Posted on 18/02/20 06:23.
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[url=""] Charles Stanley
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[url=""] Occult
[url=""]spiritual death
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Posted on 23/04/20 09:46.