The Biosensing Group operates under the umbrella of the Sensors & Instrumentation Group and the Knowledge Transfer Network. It is managed by one of the Community's Technology Translators and is guided by a Steering Committee. The majority of its activity relates to the dissemination of information of interest and providing support to member organisations to help them identify and address relevant opportunities for the development and exploitation of biosensing technology. This is achieved via the group website, E-Alerts, physical and virtual meetings and workshops and one to one interactions with member organisations. To gain maximum benefit members are encouraged to actively participate in group activities for example by providing content for the website, giving presentations at virtual (online webinars) and physical meetings and raising issues affecting the biosensing community and helping the Biosensing group develop solutions to these.

Steering Committee
The members of the Biosensing Group Steering Committee are the following:

·         Prof. Leonard Fass - Ge Healthcare

·         Prof. Richard Luxton - University of the West of England

·         Dr Robert Porter - NPL

·         Dr Ibtisam Tothill - Cranfield Health

·         Dr Mike Fisher - NanoTechnology Community

·         Dr Till Bachmann – University of Edinburgh Medical School