The scope of interest of the Biosensing Group includes biosensors (defined as compact analytical devices incorporating a biological or biologically derived sensing element either integrated within or intimately associated with a physicochemical transducer) and associated technologies and components of such devices AND biosensing (defined as the specific application of a biosensor or any other sensor to monitor living systems). The range of 'other sensors' included in this definition of biosensing is limited to those that are also compact analytical devices as opposed to large diagnostic equipment such as MRI scanners.

The main activities of the biosensing group relate to the dissemination of information of interest and providing support to member organisations to help them identify and address relevant opportunities for the development and exploitation of biosensing technology. This is achieved via the group website, E-Alerts, physical and virtual meetings and workshops and one to one interactions with member organisations.

The group also helps raise the profile of industrial and academic organisations working in the biosensing field via its Guides to UK industrial and academic research activities in biosensors and biosensing. These make it easier for organisations looking for particular expertise or technology in this field more easily identify universities and companies that can provide it thereby helping facilitate activities such as finding partners for collaborative R&D projects and identifying exploitable technologies. For more information on these guides see ‘Articles’ section