SPARK Projects


  • Next generation nanomaterials and nanodevices (CelluComp Ltd & The James Hutton Institute)
  • Characterising xylo-oligomer transporters from biobutanol-producing Clostridia for improved hemicellulose utilisation (Green Biologics Ltd & University of York)
  • Development of a new range of cosmetic products based on defined tomato natural products (Biodeb UK Ltd & John Innes Centre)
  • Development of FTIR postharvest screening to discriminate between fresh and stored potatoes (Food Forensics Ltd & Institute of Food Research)
  • Real-time dynamics of food decontamination  using in-pack ozone treatment (Anacail Ltd & University of the West of England)
  • Options for treatment of Maltings waste (Elentec Ltd & Heriot-Watt University)
  • Nanoparticle delivery of antibacterials into multidrug resistant bacterial skin pathogens (Tecrea Ltd & Royal Veterinary College)
  • Mussel spat monitoring in plankton from two sites with different productivity (Shetland Mussels Ltd & Marine Science Scotland)
  • Natural ectoparasite control of the sheep scab mite Psoroptis ovis (Barrier Biotech Ltd & Moredun Research Institute)
  • TESTAQUA - Testing the efficacy of a novel anti-fouling coating for aquaculture units (Giltech Ltd & Scottish Association for Marine Science)
  • Inbreeding prediction tool to aid mating decisions in sheep and beef genetic improvement programs (BASCO Data Ltd and SRUC)
  • Epidemiology of sea louse infection in farmed Atlantic Salmon - informing balanced control (Loch Duart Limited and University of Edinburgh)
  • Methane output prediction from beef cattle diets (Bioparametrics Ltd and SRUC)
  • RNA silencing of difficult-to-transfect primary bovine immune cells (PCR Biosystems Ltd and Royal Veterinary College)
  • Nutraceutical properties of a novel functional food product - comparison with competitor products (Omniceutica Limited and The James Hutton Institute)
  • Validating performance of a data analysis solution applied to nutritional metabolomics (Nonlinear Dynamics and Northumbria University)
  • Development of novel bioreactor for algae cultivation (Aragreen (UK) Ltd and University of Sheffield)
  • Tuning Clostridium acetobutylicum for biofuel production (Green Biologics Ltd and University of Kent)
  • Project Elm - Microbial screening for stereo complex chemicals (Solvert Limited and Teesside University)
  • Real-time sensing of aqueous phosphate for intensification of vertical hydroponic production (Saturn Bioponics Ltd and School of Electrical and Electronic at the University of Manchester)
  • Early detection of Botrytis cinerea in commercial glasshouse tomato crops (Cellular Systems (Grantham) Ltd. and Stockbridge Technology Centre Ltd)
  • Monitoring plant health in urban farms with low cost hyperspectral cameras (Stockbridge Technology Centre Ltd and University of Manchester)


  • Nanoparticle delivery of antibacterials into multidrug resistant bacterial skin pathogens (Royal Veterinary College and Tecrea Ltd)
  • Mussel spat monitoring in plankton from two sites with different productivity (Marine Science Scotland and Shetland Mussels Ltd)
  • Natural ectoparasite control of the sheep scab mite Psoroptis ovis (Moredun Research Institute and Barrier Biotech Ltd)
  • TESTAQUA - Testing the efficacy of a novel anti-fouling coating for aquaculture units (Scottish Association for Marine Science and Giltech Ltd)
  • Development of FTIR postharvest screening to discriminate between fresh and stored potatoes (Institute of Food Research and Food Forensics Ltd)
  • Real-time dynamics of food decontamination using in-pack ozone treatment (University of the West of England and Anacail Ltd)
  • Next generation nanomaterials and nanodevices (The James Hutton Institute and CelluComp Ltd)
  • Characterising xylo-oligomer transporters from biobutanol-producing Clostridia for improved hemicellulose utilisation (University of York and Green Biologics Ltd)
  • Development of a new range of cosmetic products based on defined tomato natural products (John Innes Centre and Biodeb UK Ltd)
  • Options for treatment of Maltings waste (Heriot-Watt University and Elentec Ltd)
  • Scoping the case for the development of a mussel hatchery (Glasgow Caledonian University and SI Seafarms Ltd)
  • Microfluidic devices for high throughput nematode detection in sheep faeces (Heriot-Watt University and Moredun Scientific Ltd)
  • Molecular survey of Acarapis woodi and associated virus in Scottish bee populations (University of Aberdeen and Scottish Beekeeper's Association)
  • A feasibility pilot study for producing Across Country Across Breed genetic evaluations of sheep (SAC and EasyRams)
  • Isolation of Treponema species associated with digital dermatitis in dairy cattle (University of Liverpool and Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd)
  • Enhanced cell delivery of anti-cancer agents into canine and feline cancer cells (The Royal Veterinary College, University of London and Tecrea Ltd)
  • Novel in-vitro assays to evaluate natural compounds for honeybee Varroa mite control (John Innes Centre and Acquascience Ltd)
  • Evaluation of IceScore mobility for lameness and disease detection and treatment monitoring (University of Liverpool and IceRobotics Ltd)
  • The effects of U500 on the listeria monocytogenese spiked salmon samples (University of Abertay Dundee and Xyrex Ltd)
  • Evaluation of potential technologies for reduction of carcinogenic PAHs in smoke flavourings (University of Reading and Besmoke Ltd)
  • Solution to the challenge of differentiating between free range and colony eggs (University of East Anglia and Food Forensics Ltd)
  • Investigation of digestibility of protein-oligosaccharide conjugates (Heriot-Watt University and Nandi Proteins Ltd)
  • Extraction of protein from fresh produce waste (The James Hutton Institute and Crop Intellect Ltd)
  • Biofortification of wheat: zinc (University of Lincoln and Yorkshire Arable Marketing Ltd)
  • Novel microwave pre-treatment for high temperature enzymatic processing (University of York and Elsworth Biotechnology Ltd)
  • Mass spectroscopy for elucidation of novel biosynthetic pathways  (University of Edinburgh and Ingenza)
  • Towards a BioBirch methodology (Northumbria University and Fine Contract Research Ltd)
  • Development of an on-line monitoring tool for high-cell-density E.coli fermentation (University College London and Bioinnovel Ltd)
  • Investigating an organic acid for reducing nitrate inputs in fodder grass production (John Innes Centre and Nutrimate Ltd)
  • Laser based sensing technology for improved control of the spraying booms (University of Lincoln and Househam Sprayers Ltd)


  • The influence of intermittent dark periods on welfare and behaviour of chicks (University of Bristol and David Filmer Ltd)
  • Effect of yeast on ruminal pH and feeding behaviour of dairy cows (University of Edinburgh and Bioparametrics Ltd)
  • Are udder and teat conformation heritable traits that affect mastitis in Texel sheep? (University of Warwick and Texel Sheep Society)
  • The genetics of lipomatous muscular dystrophy in Piedmontese cattle (Royal Veterinary College and British Piedmontese Cattle Society Ltd)
  • Autologous stem cell treatment for bone defects in domestic and working animals (University of Liverpool and Autology Health Ltd)
  • An improved diagnostic test for the detection of Johne's disease in cattle (Moredun Research Institute and MV Diagnostics Ltd)
  • Development of a diagnostic test for the simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens in poultry (R(D)SVS University of Edinburgh and MV Diagnostics Ltd)
  • An indigenous plant extract as a prevention to life threatening bouts of laminitis (University of Liverpool and Superfix Supplements Ltd)
  • GWS approaches in sheep - important prerequisites for creating a reference population in the UK's terminal sire sheep breed (Scottish Agricultural College and Texel Sheep Society)
  • A novel strategy for early diagnosis of equine carcinomas (University of Liverpool and ProKyma Ltd)
  • Validation of Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy as a novel trait analysis tool in salmon to quantify Omega-3 fatty acids (Institute of Aquaculture and TL Science Ltd)
  • A novel method for assessing methane-emitting archaea in the bovine rumen (Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen and Innovent Technology Ltd)
  • A hand held computer based instrument for the evaluation of spermatozoa quality (University of Bristol and Nemphlar Bioscience Ltd)
  • Preservation/protection of fresh produce using aerosolized biocides - market & technical review (University of the West of England and Norman Pendred & Co)
  • Novel assay for analysis of Vitamin K2 activity in natural products' (University of Nottingham and Eminate Ltd)
  • Does MVH inactivate micro-organisms of relevance to the food industry? (Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute and Advanced Microwave Technologies Ltd)
  • Development of an allergen free fish batter for the catering trade (University of Abertay Dundee and Land & Sea Direct Ltd)
  • The use of an oil filter into the frying industries (University of Abertay Dundee and CHA Oils Ltd)
  • Pea Pod Biorefinery (University of York and Link2Energy Ltd)
  • Performance of bolus pH and temperature sensors in mini-fermenters (Glasgow Caledonian University and Well Cow)
  • Assessment of hyaluronan for long-term cryopreservation of Geobacilli (Royal Veterinary College and Biocaldol Ltd)
  • Adding value to Scottish seaweed - generating advanced materials and energy products (University of York and Bod Ayre Products Ltd)
  • Fractionation beta-diketones from wheat straw waxes for use in high value applications (University of York and Sundown Products Ltd)
  • Beta-testing an in-line rheology sensor for biomass monitoring of recombinant yeast cultures (Aston University and Bioinnovel Ltd)
  • Effects of various bedding materials on AD of dairy effluent/slurry and post treatment stability (CPI Innovation Services and Envirosystems Ltd)
  • Volatile priming agents for the protection of glasshouse grown tomato (John Innes Centre and Frontline Agriculture)
  • Evaluation of seaweed juice and extracts as potential pest control products (Northumbria University and Bod Ayre Products Ltd/Higgins Consultancy Ltd)
  • The relationship between biofumigant plants and club root (Plamodiophora brassicae) disease (Harper Adams University College and Plant Solutions Ltd)
  • Intensifying cut salad production with a novel vertical growing system (Lancaster University and Saturn Bioponics Ltd)
  • Towards improving parsnip seed quality - the role of genetic and environmental influences (University of Warwick and Elsoms Seeds Ltd) 


  • Gender control in Wrasse (University of Stirling and Viking Fish Farms Ltd)
  • Development of new genotyping methodologies to identify halibut neomales (University of Stirling and Otter Ferry Seafish Ltd)
  • The sequel to RIDGENE: removing lethal recessive variants from the British Blue (University of Edinburgh and British Blue Cattle Society)
  • Diagnosis of MRSA in animals using existing human diagnosis technologies (Kingston University and Universal Sensors Ltd)
  • Mapping the major wool shedding gene in sheep (University of Edinburgh and AC & A Welsh)
  • Herbal feed additive to improve the productivity of broiler-breeder birds (Scottish Agricultural College and Ron Fields Nutrition)
  • Feasibility study on the measurement and implementation of Residual Feed Intake (RFI) within a progressive UK beef cattle breeding organisation (Scottish Agricultural College and Beef Improvement Group Ltd)
  • Development of an EBV for Scrotal Circumference (SAC/EGENES and the Limousin Cattle Society) (Funded by RERAD)
  • Cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions for animal sciences (Ark Genomics (University of Edinburgh) and Eagle Genomics) (Funded by RERAD)
  • Opportunities for pig breed regeneration using assisted reproductive technologies (University of Edinburgh and the Rare Breed Survival Trust) (Funded by RERAD)
  • A review of the quantitative tools necessary to inform a breeding policy for sea-lice resistance (University of Glasgow and Landcatch Natural Selection) (Funded by ERDF)
  • Salt reduction in hard cheese with Soda-Lo (Reaseheath College and Eminate Ltd)
  • Novel production of denatured proteins and their use in food texture modification (Queen Margaret University and Nandi Proteins Ltd) (Funded by ERDF)
  • Exploration of carrageenan interactions with xanthan and glucomannan (University of Nottingham and Glycomix) (Funded by RERAD)
  • Identification, expression, purification and analysis of novel thermophilic alcohol oxidases (University of Exeter and Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd)
  • Isolation of bacteriophage with the potential to control sulphate-reducing bacteria (Glasgow Caledonian University and Advanced Pest Solutions)
  • A novel technology to engineer solvent tolerance in microorganisms for biofuel production (John Innes Centre and Procarta Biosystems Ltd)
  • Genomic sequence of engineered Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Ark Genomics (University of Edinburgh) and Ingenza) (Funded by ERDF)
  • Biocatalyst formulation with improved stability (Strathclyde University and Ingenza) (Funded by ERDF)
  • Initial investigation into the commercial potential of a "UVB not UVA" light modifying horticultural "SMART" film (Lancaster Environment Centre and Arid Agritec Ltd)
  • Improving seed treatment to enhance grass establishment and reduce agricultural GHG emmissions (Aberystwyth University and British Seed Houses Ltd)
  • Optimising UK garlic production for new end uses (National Institute of Agricultural Botany and Neem Biotech Ltd)
  • Evaluation of a novel insecticide for disrupting aphid virus transmission (Scottish Crop Research Institute and Xeroshield) (Funded by ERDF)
  • Replacement of cider orchard herbicide strips with a mat-forming perennial (University of Reading and National Association of Cider Makers) (Funded by RERAD)
  • Evaluating the nutritional benefits of legume crops (Scottish Crop Research Institute and WP Bruce Ltd) (Funded by ERDF) 

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