Robotics in Agriculture

17th March 2016

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) hosted this workshop to stimulate increased collaborative activity between the Agriculture and Robotics communities. 

Recent advances in robotics technology, alongside decreases in the cost of technology, have made the application of robotics in agriculture a viable business proposition. Furthermore, there is industrial demand from end users in agriculture, driven by varying reasons, not least a decline in the availability of skilled agricultural labour.

Agriculture community delegates (from both crop and livestock based production systems) were provided with the opportunity to outline their problems and innovation needs, and Robotics community delegates were able to present their technical capabilities. The aim was to encourage both communities to explore collaboration and innovation opportunities to help address the needs of agriculture.

The workshop also offered an opportunity to find out about funding opportunities (including H2020 and the Newton Fund), and for delegates to give short introductions to pitch their technologies, expertise or project ideas to potential collaborative partners.


Session 1: Agricultural Challenges


Session 2: Potential Robotics and Autonomous Systems technology solutions, and delegate pitches 


Session 3: Potential Robotics and Autonomous Systems technology solutions, and Funding opportunities


Break-out session – Opportunities for robotics in agriculture in the UK and internationally

  • Summary of the day - Phil Williams, KTN 


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