Completed KTN Associate PhD Studentship Projects

Please find below details of KTN Associates who have completed or submitted their CASE PhD Studentship projects. 


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2009

Andrew Chun Yue Chan
A Genetic Baseline for the Improvement of in Ovo Vaccines
University of Cambridge & Pfizer

Debby Lipschutz-Powell
Can multilevel selection improve disease control
The Roslin Institute & Cobb-Vantress

Johanneke Dinie Hemmink
Genetic and antigenic diversity of Theileria parva parasites used in a live vaccine
University of Edinburgh & GALVmed

Mia Aitchison
Energy Balance and Nutrient Partitioning in the Modern Broiler Chicken
University of Aberdeen & Aviagen

Ruth Jessica Dockerty
A Multi-Factorial Genetic Approach to Improving Welfare in the Racing Greyhound
University of Liverpool & Greyhound Board of Great Britain

Stuart McIntyre
Selection mapping methods and application
the Roslin Institute & Aviagen


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2008

Belinda Baquero Perez
Understanding the molecular basis of innate resistance of ducks to avian influenza
University of Nottingham & Cherry Valley

Darren Todd
Implementation of Genome Wide Selection in UK beef and sheep breeding sectors
The Roslin Institute & Genesis Faraday

Daryl Borley
A reverse genetics approach to study the role of non-neutralising epitopes in FMD vaccine induced protection
Institute for Animal Health & Intervet

Duncan Marriott
Genetic control of fat partitioning in pigs
University of the West of England & Pfizer

Laura Jayne Corbin
Genomic prediction of risk for an asthma analogue in the equine
The Roslin Institute British Equestrian Federation/Animal Health Trust

Neil McDerment
Genetics and genomics of multiple ovulation in broiler breeders
the Roslin Institute & Aviagen

Stephanie Johnston
Genomic analysis of fundamental control pathways of parasitic nematodes
University of Glasgow & Pfizer

Yan Laurenson
Nematode infections in sheep: Designing integrated parasite control strategies
The Roslin Institute & Merial


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2007

Gibran Hemani
Dissecting genetic interactions in complex traits
Roslin Institute & Monsanto

Katie Fowler
Examination of allelic variation in candidate genes thought to encode for fatness
University of Kent & JSR

Pamela Lithgow
Identification of host factors which restrict African swine fever virus replication
Institute for Animal Health Compton & Pfizer

Stephanie Matheson
Genetic selection of health and welfare traits in lambs
SAC (now SRUC) & Suffolk Sheep Society

Victoria Waters
Deciphering the chemokine repetoire in the chicken and it's role in resistance to disease
Institute for Animal Health & Pfizer


CASE PhD Studentships  starting in 2006

Gillian Wilson
The role of superantigens in susceptibility of cattle to staphylococcal mastitis
University of Edinburgh & Pfizer

Jennifer Howie
Use of Genetic variation in feeding behaviour traits in broiler breeding programmes
Scottish Agricultural College (Now SRUC) & Aviagen

Joseph Powell
Genetic dissection of Ascites in Chickens
The Roslin Institute & Aviagen

Rebecca Ward
Genetic control of intramuscular lipid formation in cattle
University of Bristol & Merial

Steven Laing
A genomic approach to identify molecular markers of antihelmintic resistance
University of Glasgow & Pfizer


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2005

Alex Lam
The use of gene expression data in livestock genetics
The Roslin Institute & Sygen

Annette Reid
Discovery of novel effector genes that mediate muscle growth and quality
Glasgow Veterinary School & Pfizer

Ben Skinner
Molecular cytogenetics of birds
University of Kent & Cherry Valley

Jennifer Gill
Assessment of genetic markers for improving beef consistency and quality
The Roslin Institute & Marks and Spencer

Scott Campbell
Fish Immunogenetics
University of Aberdeen & Fisheries Research Service


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2004

Abigail Diack
Acute phase proteins – use as biomarkers in pugs
Glasgow Veterinary School & Sygen

Jennifer Smeed
Investigating genes involved in the response of sheep to paratuberculosis
University of Edinburgh & Moredun Scientific

Linzi Gilmour
Immune signalling in pigs
The Roslin Institute & Sygen

Nick Temperley
Evolution and genetic variation of avian toll-like receptor genes
The Roslin Institute & British United Turkeys

Suzanne Rowe
Variance components in QTL mapping
The Roslin Institute & Cobb Vantress


CASE PhD Studentships starting in 2003

Catherine Hayhurst
The use of physiological indicator traits as juvenile predictors in dairy cattle
University of Liverpool & Cogent

Silvia Innes Nicolau-Solano
Characterisation of androstenone metabolism in relation to boar taint
University of Bristol & Meat and Livestock Commission

Other KTN Associate PhD Studentships 

Amid Derayat
Genetic Improvement and QTL Detection in Atlantic Salmon
University of Stirling

Amy Halimah Rajaee
Study on genetic control of body colours in tilapia
University of Stirling

Andreas Kranis
Genetics of egg production in turkeys
The Roslin Institute & British United Turkeys

Anna Kaliszewska
How do macrophages and dendritic cells differ in response to Salmonella spp
The Roslin Institute & Royal Veterinary College

Anu Frank-Lawale
Genetic improvement of the atlantic halibut
University of Stirling & Otterferry Sea Fish

Ariel Liu
The effect of fixing QTL on genome-wide diversity
Norwegian University of Life Sciences & Roslin Institute

Baitsi Kingsley
Analysis of epistasis for QTLs for growth and reproduction traits in Roslin broiler X layer crossbred populations
Roslin Institute & Botswana Government (Dept of Research Science & Technology)

Carol-Anne Duthie
Associations of QTL affecting protein and lipid deposition with physical body composition and meat quality
Scottish Agricultural College (now SRUC) & Sygen

Catherine Nakielny
The development of new genetic technology for the improvement of sheep breeds and the development of products and services utilising DNA technology
University of Wales Aberystwyth & Innovis

Cecile Massault
QTL mapping for aquaculture species
Wageningen University/Roslin Institute/EC

Claire Wyllie
University of Cambridge

Claudia Cabrera
Bioinformatics tools for the dissection of complex traits
The Roslin Institute & University of Edinburgh

Craig Lewis
Dissecting the genetic control of resistence to PRRS
The Roslin Institute & Genus

Daniel McQueen
Temperature and the genetic regulation of muscle growth in the Atlantic Salmon
University of St Andrews & EWOS Innovation

Daryl Borley
A reverse genetics approach to study the role of non-neutralising epitopes in FMD vaccine induced protection
Institute for Animal Health & Intervet

Derrick Guy
Genetics of resistence to infectious pancreatic necrosis virus in farmed salmon
The Roslin Institute & Landcatch Natural Selection

Duncan Marriott
Genetic control of fat partitioning in pigs
University of the West of England & Pfizer

Ekrem Ayna
Developing microsatellite markers for accurate molecular phylogenic analysis and species diagnosis of tilapiini tribe of family Cichlidae
University of Stirling

Elina Karamichou
Genetic Improvement of carcass and meat quality traits in sheep
University of Edinburgh

Elisenda Rius Vilarrasa
Use of video image analysis for predicting sheep carcass and eating quality
Scottish Agricultural College (now SRUC) & Meat and Livestock Commission

Elly Navajas
Associations among conformation, muscularity and meat quality in sheep: opportunities for genetic improvement
Scottish Agricultural College (now SRUC)

Emma Hutchinson
Transcriptomic and genomic studies into the molecular biology of fatness in pigs
University of Kent & Pfizer

Fiona Powell
Histomoniasis and the differential survival of different poultry species
University of Liverpool & British Poultry Industry

Frances Alink
Inverdale fecundity gene effects in sheep
Scottish Agricultural College (now SRUC) & Harbro Ltd

Gareth Butterfield
Proliferative kidney disease resistence in rainbow trout through genetic improvement/ selective breeding
University of Stirling & BTA

Georgia Hadjipavlou
Mapping quantitative trait loci affecting muscle and fat traits in sheep
The Roslin Institute (Marie-Curie ESR Fellowship)

Gillian Hunter
RNA interference in Marek's disease virus pathogenesis and latency
University of Edinburgh & Aviagen

Helen Worton
Assessment of genetic markers for improving beef and lamb consistency and quality
The Roslin Institute & Marks and Spencer

Isobel Stewart
Genetic evaluation of traits recorded in sport horses
The University of Edinburgh & The British Equestrian Federation

Jessica Brickell
Reducing the wastage in the dairy herd
Royal Veterinary College

Julie Jones
Investigation of the production and economic benefits of incorporating the Inverdale Gene into UK sheep
University of Wales Aberystwyth & Innovis

Louise Sherlock
Physiological and behavioural responses of pigs and chickens to stress
Royal Veterinary College

Lyndsey Dance
The genetics and molecular mechanism of CLA formation in cattle
University of Bristol & Meat and Livestock Commission

Marine Herlin
Sex determination and control of maturation of the Atlantic cod
University of Stirling & Machrihanish Marine Farm

Matthew Bell
Role of genetics in dairy system methane emissions
University of Edinburgh & Scottish Government & SAC (now SRUC)

Mohd Golam Quader Khan
Inheritance of sex and sex-linked markers in tilapia
University of Stirling

Nicola Butcher
The impact of MHC class II structural polymorphism in commercial chickens on vaccine responses
University of Cambridge & Aviagen

Rebecca Baxter
Quantifying the role of the MHC in immune responsiveness traits in a cattle Holstein/Charolais cross population
University of Edinburgh & Meat and Livestock Commission

Richard Leach
Genetics of Vaccination
The Roslin Institute & Pfizer

Ronan O'Neill  

Samantha Llewellyn
Effect of negative energy balance on post-partum ovarian function in dairy cows
Royal Veterinary College & Wellcome Trust

Vinca Russell
Modelling Infectious Diseases: application to footrot in sheep
University Warwick & The Roslin Institute & Pfizer


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