Plants for Materials and Polymers

Plants for the construction industry
Plants for the Construction Industry 

Plant material, and in particular wood, has been used for centuries as a raw material for the construction industry. 




Plants for Clothing and Furnishings

India and China are the major producers of cotton, which is used in the clothing, furnishing sectors.


Example: Use of Plant Materials in the Automotive Industry

  • Hemp fibres are also being increasingly used as an alternative material in the automotive industry. Natural fibre compression moulding is an established and proven process, used by > 95% of the car industry for the production of extensive, lightweight and high-class interior parts in medium and luxury class cars. The  advantages of natural fibres compression moulding are lightweight construction; crash behaviour; deformation resistance; lamination ability; and cost-effective price.
  • Biopolymers are also being used in the materials industry, with poly-lactic acid being produced at commercial scale at the NatureWorks plant in Nebraska, USA, and marketed under the Indigo brand name.
  • Corn starch is also used in the construction of Goodyear's BioTred tyres, which have improved performance characteristic compared to conventional car tyres, with tests showing a 5% reduction in energy consumption compared with conventionnal tyres.
  • Novamont also produce a range of bioplastics at their biorefinery plant in Terni, Italy, which have uses in the retail, agriculture, catering and waste-management industries.
  • Solvay manufacture epichlorohydrin in Europe at their plant in Tavaux, France, in a process which transforms glycerine derived from biodiesel production, which has applications as an epoxyresin and is also used as paper reinforcement and in water purification.

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