Our Organisation

The Biosciences KTN is operated by Bioscience Network Limited, a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee registered in Scotland (SC239934)

Board of Directors

Responsible for corporate governance, strategic planning, financial and risk management.


Chairman: Dr David Lawrence

Prof David Hume
University of Edinburgh

Dr Martin Clough

Prof Kevin Sinclair
University of Nottingham

Dr Stephen Parry
Findus Group

Stuart West
Biocatalysts Ltd

Prof Ian Crute
Agriculture and Horticulture
Development Board 

Prof Peter Schroeder

Dr Steven Walker
Campden Technology Ltd

Dr Alan Mileham
Genus Plc

Chris Warkup (CEO)
Biosciences KTN














Sector Groups

Ensure that stakeholders are closely involved with planning the KTN's activity and developing its strategy.

The four sector groups, animals, plants, food and industrial bioscience, are each composed of individuals who are selected for their expertise and together they cover a wide range of technologies and business activities relevant to that sector.

They include:

  • Business development staff from Industry
  • Technical staff from Industry
  • Relevant academics
  • Chaired by a relevant Board Director

The majority of each Sector Group is made of business representatives to ensure focus on the KTN's primary goal of improving UK business performance through innovation.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

These groups are set up to exploit opportunities within the KTN's priority themes/ areas of interest. They have specific goal to achieve and a clear end point. SIGs not only reflect the needs of KTN members but can also support TSB priorities including innovation platforms. They can take advantage of opportunities both at the interface of sector groups and those that link to other KTNs.

Collaboration with other KTNs

Some of the key opportunities for the Biosciences KTN and it s members are at the interface with other existing KTNs. Collaboration with other KTNs will ensure that specialist expertise available across the KTN Network can be utilised to meet the challenges and opportunities facing them

Industry, Academics, SMEs....


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