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A Bahar Nelson

A Fernandes

A van Heeren

Aaron Hudson



Abbas Sadak

Abbas Sadak

I have assisted a number of companies in variuos industries over the last 14 years with R&D Tax credits, IP, Corporate Tax, Transfer pricing, International Tax, Employee Share schemes etc

abdollah ghavami

Abdullah Sabyah

Abe Huisman

Abel Ureta-Vidal

Abhrajit Guria

Abigail Diack

Abigail Lyons

Abigail Truebig


Abraham Olagundoye

Abraham Olagundoye

Presently seeking to acquire bio-skills that will enhance my contribution to "One-Health"- a platform that studies the environmental impacts and biological relationships between man and animal via biomolecular and genetic processes

Abrar Jawaid

Abrar Jawaid

Business Partnership Manager

University of Bedfordshire

Actively engage and form meaningful and sustainable relationships with local, regional and national large and small medium enterprises, understanding their key objectives, challenges and issues and co-exploring and implementing a suite of solutions.

Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem

Adalbert Ngongang

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