KTN Success Stories

This selection of success stories showcases some of the projects, products and services that the KTN's Agri-Food and Bioscience & Biotechnology Teams have assisted our members to deliver. 

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Improving disease resistance in salmon Chemicals from renewable resources
Reducing salt in cheese Cutting copper contaminants for cleaner water
Making waves in food Extracting funding to grow
Enhancing aquaculture sustainability Increasing UK Food Security through development of improved legume crops
Accelerating Drug Discovery Boosting Biofuels Using Ruminant Enzymes
Boosting Global Food Security Detecting Cow Oestrus to Improve Efficiency
Developing Technology for Third Generation Biofuels Improved Manufacture of High-Value Products
 Improving Crop Protection for Food Security  Producing Lamb More Efficiently
Smart Sensor to Improve Cow Health Synthetic Biology
UK Benefits from EC-Funded Genetics and Genomics Research Using Genomic Technologies to Improve Crop Production


UK-Norway Case Studies

Below are a selection of case studies showcasing the projects and successes resulting from the UK-Norway Memorandum of Understanding.

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