CASE projects funded for academic year 2016

Toward targeted delivery of agrochemicals to soil
The University of Sheffield/ Croda

Exploiting adenovirus mechanisms for enhanced efficiency of recombinant protein production
University of Oxford/ Oxford Genetics Limited

Exploiting Brachypodium distachyon as a model to study cereal/Fusarium/fungicide interactions
BASF/ John Innes Centre

Exploiting genomics for developing autogenous vaccines to control Campylobacter in poultry
University of Swansea/ Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd

The interactions between novel enzymes and Phosphorous and Calcium contents of pig feeds
Newcastle University/ AB Vista Ltd

Understanding the impact of Lawsonia intracellularis infection and vaccination on gut health
The Roslin Institute/ Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

Phase variable epigenetic control of strain fitness of starter cultures and probiotics
University of Leicester/ Chr. Hansen A/S

Optimising within and between population genomic prediction in aquaculture breeding
The University of Edinburgh/ Landcatch Natural Selection Ltd

Defining, predicting and delivering 'fresh' in the context of leafy salads
University of Reading/ Waitrose Ltd

Metabolic analysis to characterize and optimize an industrial enzyme production process
University of Surrey/ Eli Lilly and Company

Current CASE Studentship Projects


Please find below details of current CASE PhD Studentship projects funded by BBSRC and allocated by the Knowledge Transfer Network.


Projects starting in 2014

Amanda Warr 
Exome sequencing to inform pig breeding and the development of biomedical models
The Roslin Institute & Genus Plc

Christopher Bell 
Molecular diagnostics for rapid and quantitative field assessment of coffee nematode pests 
University of Leeds & Nestle Research & Development

Connor Black
Exploitation of REIMS Technology in Food Fraud Detection 
Queen's University, Belfast & Waters Corporation

Helen Riordan
The genetic basis of Boron efficiency in Brassica napus
University of York & Elsoms Seeds Ltd

Ismail Uddin  
Bacterial microcompartments, therapeutic antibody production and payload delivery
Queen's University, London & isogenica

Lindsay Fulton 
Impact of genetics and growth promoters on avian intestinal microbiota and health
SRUC & Aviagen

Steven Bevan
Utilising the CHO cell transcriptional network for next-generation gene expression technology
The Babraham Institute & Lonza

Toby Nash
Metabolic engineering of Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius for succinate production from lignocellulosic feedstocks
University of Bath & BioSyntha Technology Ltd

Establishing an off-host culturing system for the honey bee mite Varroa destructor
University of Aberdeen & Scottish Beekepers Association


Projects starting in 2013

Abi Bremner
Identification of novel biomarkers of resistance to Eimeria infection in the chicken
The Roslin Institute & Cobb-Vantress

Catriona McIntosh 
Drug target identification in the cat flea by transcriptomics and gene knockdown
University of Aberdeen & Zoetis

Emma Johnson
Physiological and molecular mechanisms of transmission ratio distortion 
University of Cambridge Genus Plc

Julija Rusakovica
Mining for and incorporating novel behaviour traits in poultry genetic selection
Newcastle University & Aviagen

Thomas Wileman
Molecular tools for detection and control of Streptococcus suis infection in pigs
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge UK & Zoetis


Projects starting in 2012

Alexander Brown
Interferring with PRRSV replication
The Roslin Institute & Genus Plc

Alexandra Brown
Across breed genomic evaluations
SRUC & Dairy Co

Brendan Duggan
Genetic improvement of skeletal strength in the domestic duck
The Roslin Institute & Cherry Valley Farms

Frances Blow
Manipulation of the olive fly gut microbiota for improved pest control
University of Liverpool & Oxitec

Jack Grundy
Control of environmental stress responses by the circadian clock and abscisic acid
University of Warwick & Bayer Crop Science

James Cooper
Enhancing chilling tolerance in winter field beans
University of Leeds & Wherry and Sons

Laura Beeson
Investigation of the possible health promoting modes of action of regular and supra-dosage of phytase in broilers
SRUC & AB Agri

Lisa Buddrus
Evolution of alpha-keto acid decarboxylases for use in Geobacillus spp
University of Bath & TMO Renewables

Rebecca Stafford
Molecular diagnostics to counteract herbicide
University of York & FERA

Sara Filgueira Martinez
The treatment of bacterial disease of plants by bacteriophage
Strathclyde University & Fixed Phage

Zoe Berk
Towards integrated parasite control in cattle through the synergism of host genetics and management
University of Newcastle & Merial


Projects starting in 2011 & 2010

David Howard
Managing genomic diversity in the course of selection
The Roslin Institute & Genus Plc

Dominika Borowska
Towards selection for improved immune robustness in commercial chickens
The Roslin Institute & Aviagen

John Stainton
Selection mapping methods and application
The Roslin Institute & Aviagen

Kate Davis
Development of a vaccine against saprolegnia parasitica and bacteria of rainbow trout
University of Aberdeen & Intervet

Kay Russell
Genotype and environmental interactions for necrotic enteritis susceptibility in broilers
SRUC & Pfizer

Marie Smedley
Mechanisms underlying the impacts of triploidy on production traits in Atlantic Salmon
University of Stirling & Marine Harvest (Scotland)

Neil Marks
Genetic control of parasitic nematode development by microRNAs
University of Glasgow & Pfizer

Suzanne Desire
Genomic and environmental dissection of social aggressiveness and feeding behaviour in pigs


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