New Paradigms for Crop and Soil Management Workshop 2011

The "New Paradigms for Crop and Soil Management" workshop place on the 9th February 2011 at the Linnean Society of London. It proved to be a great success with over 90 delegates in attendance.



There is a need to improve agricultural productivity in the coming century to ensure food supplies for a global population predicted to reach 9 billion by 2050, equating to a need to increase production by at least 50%. This  second ‘green revolution' is set in a context of climate change, industrialisation and changing consumer demands in emerging economies, increasing use of renewable feedstocks for biorefining applications, limited natural resources and rising energy costs, and pressure to reduce emissions from the sector.

Understanding the relationships between crops and ecosystems is becoming an increasingly important research and development priority to establish sustainable crop management practices - in particular, the move from managing soils using chemical inputs to the use of biologically-based improvement strategies is a rapidly emerging challenge.


Workshop programme

The programme, speaker  biographies, abstracts and delegate list can be found in the delegate booklet.


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You can download a copy of the presentations by clicking on presentation titles. A summary of each presentation is available in the workshop report.

Introduction to the Biosciences KTN and Aims of the workshop - Tom Jenkins, Biosciences KTN


Session 1 - New Paradigms for Soil Management

Chair: Paul Hallett, SCRI


Session 2 - Identifying the Challenges to Uptake

Chair: Chris Tapsell, KWS-UK Ltd


Session 3 - Understanding the Commercial Drivers and Supply Chains

Chair: Robert Edwards, FERA


Session 4 - Opportunities for Innovation

Chair: Tim Hall, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission



A report from the "New Paradigms for Crop and Soil Management" workshop is also available, providing an executive summary and an outline of each of the presentations. The report can be obtained by clicking on the image report at the top right of this page.

Workshop report

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