Impact through Biosciences

12-13 November 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh


Plenary Session - Monday 12th November

Welcome and Introduction

Chris Warkup, Biosciences KTN

Cheer up folks! The rational optimist view of sustainable food security
Matt Ridley, Author of The Rational Optimist and Genome

New technologies to address old and new problems in the biosciences
Maurice Moloney, Rothamsted Research

Technology: the vital ingredient for sustainable innovation in the Food Industry - NOT AVAILABLE
Bruce Linter, PepsiCo Europe


Animal & Plant Breeding for Improved Performance

Achieving global impact - Cherry Valley Ducks - NOT AVAILABLE
Ann Rae, Cherry Valley

From evolution to revolution in dairy cattle
Mike Coffey, SRUC

Accelerated livestock breeding for biomedical and agricultural applications
Scott Fahrenkrug, Recombinetics Inc.

Cereal crop breeding for future food, feed and fuel demands, the challenges and opportunities
Chris Tapsell, KWS

Genetic Improvement of Tomato Fruit Quality - NOT AVAILABLE
Graham Seymour, University of Nottingham


Discovery & Use of Natural Bioactives

Nature may know best but that doesn't always make product development easy
Jayne Brookman, Biosciences KTN

The use of house fly larvae for the generation of protein for animal feed applications
Howard Bell, FERA

Suncare and Biotechnology
Surinder Chahal, Croda Europe Ltd

Natural Products in complex systems - why systems biology is the only way forward
Bryan Hanley, Wrigley Global Innovation Centre


Impact of Genetic Improvement Technologies upon Society

Overview of synthetic biology
Paul Freemont, Imperial College London

Towards artificial photosynthesis using engineered cells
Richard Cogdell, University of Glasgow

Application of genetic modification technologies for disease resistance in the chicken: opportunities and challenges
Helen Sang, The Roslin Institute

Algenuity: Microalgae as synthetic biology chassis for high value plant derived compounds
Andrew Spicer, Algenuity

Commercial applications of synthetic biology - NOT AVAILABLE
Rudy Padjaitan, Eviagenics


Algae: A Critical Resource in a Bio-based Economy?

Sustainable protein sources for aquaculture: Potential use of algal and vegetable derived sources
Sarah Gaunt, Eminate

TSB Project CCIF: The development of a demonstration scale carbon capture microalgal biorefinery
Stephen Skill, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Microalgae as a green platform for production of high value recombinant products
Saul Purton, University College London

Creating a sustainable algal commercial sector in the UK: challenges and opportunities
Joanne MacDonald, NERC

Lessons and opportunities gained from BioMara
Michele Stanley, SAMS


Plenary Session - Tuesday 13th November

Biorenewables Development Centre. Plants, processes and products

Joe Ross, Biorenewable Development Centre

Natural and unnatural risks on your plate
Martin Livermore, Food Chain Research and Technology Network

How do we get the R&D we need, not the R&D people want to do?
Chris Pollock, IBERS

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