Animal bioscience plays a very important role in both the UK and global economy.

  • The UK livestock industry helps to underpin much of the £70 billion UK food and drink sector and has an annual retail value itself of more than £24 billion.
  • It also accounts for a large proportion of the 0.5 million people directly employed in agriculture in the UK
  • The global animal health products market is worth around $12 billion per year, with the UK market alone being in the order of £190 million.



The UK has a very strong animal bioscience industry with diverse involvement in areas such as animal breeding, health, diagnostics and nutrition. For example, the UK is home to some of the global leading companies in animal breeding; supplying genetic improvement in these species across the world. Some of the biggest companies in the animal health and diagnostics sector also have significant research and manufacturing bases in the UK.



The UK is also home to internationally-renowned research organisations that are working at the cutting edge of the animal biosciences - the outputs of this research could yield huge economic and environmental opportunities for UK industry. In particular, the current rapid expansion in knowledge of the genetics of animals and their pathogens will provide unprecedented opportunities for improvement in the health, welfare and productivity of animal species.


Our Role

When the pace of change is so great, even with a strong industry base, continual progress is required to remain competitive. Maintaining and strengthening the UK position is a key driver for the Animal Sector of the KTN.

Our role is to improve the UK's innovation performance; helping UK industry take advantage of the advances in our knowledge and understanding in order for them to profit and grow.

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