Agri-Tech Catalyst Round 6 Consortia Building Workshop

14th September, London

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Agri-Food team organised a consortia-building workshop to promote Round 6 of the Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition, designed to help businesses and researchers develop innovative solutions to global challenges in the agricultural technology (‘Agri-Tech') sector.

The aim of this workshop was to enable potential applicants to get a better understanding of the competition process, rules and scope, and meet potential partners.

This event was attended by 70 delegates ranging from industry, research organisations, charities and NGOs. Many of the delegates represented organisations working in developing countries. KTN received more than 140 registrations of interest to attend this event reflecting a significant interest from the agri-food community in this funding opportunity.



Workshop Presentations

During the event, Innovate UK and DFID gave an overview of the Agri-Tech Catalyst Competition, including competition scope and rules, and particular aims of this competition, delivered by Tom Jenkins, Lead Technologist for Agriculture and Food at Innovate UK, and Duncan Barker, Livelihoods Adviser at DFID.

The event also provided examples of funded projects, including the presentation from Nayem Hassan at Russel IPM, and examples of best practice in collaborative R&D projects involving partners from developing countries, delivered by Gavin Bunker, Innovate UK Monitoring Officer.

There were 15 pitch presentations from delegated presenting their capabilities and ideas for collaborative projects:


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Key dates

Industrial Research
Registration deadline: 26 Oct 2016
Application deadline: 2 Nov 2016
Early & Late-stage Awards
Registration deadline: 25 Jan 2017
Application deadline: 1 Feb 2017

Projects Funded (to date)

Details of the projects funded to date can be downloaded by clicking on the links below: