About the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is sponsored by the Innovate UK to help achieve its objective of accelerating UK economic growth by stimulating and supporting business-led innovation.

We enable people to share knowledge, ideas and opportunities.

Innovate UK's Biosciences Strategy

"The Biosciences underpin our understanding of life....Exploitation of the biosciences is most keenly demonstrated in biotechnology ... an industry that has given us novel medicines, sustainable energy routes and materials, increasing quality of life while reducing our environmental footprint.

The global challenges of climate, societal and demographic change are generating a need for sustainable fuel and feed stocks in balance with food production ... UK organisations have significant opportunities to meet these challenges through our strength in biosciences."


The Knowledge Transfer Network's Biosciences Vision

Our vision is that the UK is a global leader in converting bioscience knowledge into innovative agricultural, food and industrial bioscience products and processes for the benefit of businesses, the economy, the environment and society.


Connect and Catalyse

What do we do?


We put companies and innovators in contact with the knowledge and funding that they need to bring new products and processes to market.

Our mission is to connect and catalyse by:

  • Driving knowledge transfer between the science base and industry
  • Promoting networking and stimulating innovation key to our industry sectors
  • Providing a coherent voice for industry to inform government policy



How do we do this? 

Our role is to accelerate the rate of bioscience technology exchange into and within the UK. To achieve this objective we will:


What help is available for members?

KTN gives members access to resources which allow them to;

  • Find new routes to market, collaborative partners and new customers. 
  • Find funding for their projects
  • Get access to the latest academic knowledge and skills
  • Understand how new and emerging technologies affect their business model.

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