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How to share Stories in your Best Friends List

Instagram already allows you to share your stories only with a small group of people. If a few months ago it allowed us to do the same with a sticker that allowed up to 100 people to be added, now it is much easier.

It is perfect because maybe there are stories that you are ashamed to share because you have family or associates (Although you can block people from the stories but it is somewhat boring). This new feature makes it easy for not all of your stories to be sent to all of your followers.

How to share Instagram stories only with some people (photo):

  • In your profile click on the three stripes on the upper right
  • Once the window on the right is open, search among the options: Best Friends
  • You can search for friends to include in the list or explore the suggestions
  • Adding friends to the list is as easy as pressing ADD
  • In your list you can see the included friends and easily delete them


Now when you go to publish a story, two options will appear in the lower left: your story or best friends. Choose one of the two options to publish in one of the two formats. If you choose the best friends, only the ones you have included in your list will see it. If you want to customize Instagram story highlights, you can do it easily.


The best friends list can only be seen by the creator, you will never know if you have been included in a list except for a very clear and visual element. When you see stories with the green circle it is because that account has included you in their list of the best friends.


The only error I see is that you can only create a friends list. So, you cannot have a list of more professional stories for only your associates, others your family and other closest friends to see. At the moment, it is only allowed to have a list of best friends.


Why use the list of best friends on Instagram Stories?

The Instagram best friends list can have many options to play with. If you have new ideas you can leave them in the comments or mentioning me @article.ify on social networks. Here are some of the ones that occur to me:


List of best Instagram friends for brands:

  • You can use your friends list as a VIP group with the best clients to publish exclusive products
  • You can also use it in newsletter mode on your website. Example: Who wants to join the list of friends on our Instagram Stories? You will receive interesting news for you.
  • You can use the friends list to publish discounts and to belong to that list they must have bought a certain amount on your website, for example
  • In short, take advantage of the friends list of your Instagram brand to create an exclusive group where all your followers want to belong.


List of best Instagram friends for people:

  • The Instagram Stories best friends list is fine for those party photos you don't want your colleagues or family to see
  • You can also use the best friends list to post stories from a trip or event that you don't want everyone to know.

In short, use the friends list to post those stories that you don't want everyone to see. You can also post videos on Instagram from your PC.  

If you want to have the option to share stories only with a list of friends, you must update to the latest version of Instagram, both for iOS and Android.

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