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A little more about Ben...

I have 4 degrees viz. B.Sc. (Lond), M.Sc. (OXON.), D. Phil. (OXON.), M.A. (OXON.). I am also a Member of the (British) Institute of Mathematics and its Applications and a Chartered Mathematician so I can write MIMA and C. Math. after my name as well! I am a member of the IEEE, and the American Mathematical Society.

In the mid 70's, I specialised in Finite Group Theory - particularly finite groups which admitted an automorphism of prime power order. I was fortunately able to settle a long-standing question on whether finite groups that admit an automorphism of order the square of a prime are soluble. The solution was published in the Journal of Algebra in 1980.

Altogether, I spent 4 years doing postdoctoral research both at Oxford (England) and the University of Chicago (Illinois, USA) and have been an industrial mathematician since 1978.

My specialities include

Kalman Filters (linear and extended)

Digital Signal Processing (Filter Design, Multirate Systems, System simulation including filters, correlators, A/D, AGC and so on)

Dynamic Simulation (writing and design)

Parameter Estimation (MAP, Cramer-Rao bounds etc.)

Optimisation - local and global.

Programming Languages

I have used the Netbeans and Eclipse Java development environments but nowadays program in C++ in Visual Studio 2010.

Computer Packages

I am very familiar with MATLAB, Simulink and Mathcad. I also contributed to the beta test of O-matrix 4.